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Madefire Motion Book Day

Thu Oct 2, 2014, 2:19 PM

Motion Book Day

Welcome to the first in a series of spotlights on the Madefire publishing tools. For those of you have haven’t heard of Madefire—watch this short video.

Publishing here on DeviantART is now a reality. While the app was created with comics in mind the DeviantArt community have started to use it in all manner of wonderful ways it wasn’t designed for, with some awesome results.

Here is a small selection of material produced by the community that shows a variety of ways you can publish your work. From comics to short prose stories and poems. Yep, you heard right. Poems, too.

Featured Motion Books™

You can find more examples of Madefire’s Motion Books™

Browse Motion BooksTM

The Madefire app is available for iPhone and Android with a ton of free comics you can download!

So if you checked these out and are thinking, “I want in” and are wondering how to do that—check out Madefire’s Motion Book Tool Group. This group has all the tools and tutorials to get you started.

Next time, we’ll spotlight some of the Motion Books produced by the Tools creators.

Friday Update!

Fri Sep 5, 2014, 8:35 AM

It's alive...ALIVE!

WOW! Just a few days into our fun little artist challenge and the response has been exciting! Thanks for all the positive feedback, questions, enthusiasm...sorry if the rules have negated some of you from officially competing but if you decide to just produce the page for fun and post on your page please let us know--we'd love to see it! Also, for fun--if anyone wants to produce fan art of any of the characters please post it and send us a link or email them to and maybe we'll post it in a future update!

In the coming days, we're planning to have some interviews with our judges, post updates on the art, and just check in with the meantime, keep working hard and have a terrific weekend!


Contest Update

Happy Monday!

Did everyone have a terrific weekend? First of all - WOW! The initial response to our artist challenge has been HUGE! Thank you everyone who’s shown interest and enthusiasm, we’re as excited about this as you are! For our latest update on the coming Challenge I’d like to formally introduce our next two guest judges:

Terry Dodson (terrydodson)

Nei Ruffino (toolkitten)

Terry is one of the top artists in the world...want proof? Check out any stack of Marvel or DC Comics from the last 15 years and see his name everywhere. Not convinced? Check out his amazing and best-selling work in the European market—you’ll thank us once you do!

Nei is a tremendously talented artist who’s work has graced many a cover over the years and also happens to be one of the most in-demand color artists in all of comicdom! She’s a true force to be reckon with!

As we wrap our update, let’s have a look at today’s character design by Gilang Andrian. It’s Fran’s beloved, custom-made pet Igor:

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for our next update!


Fellow creators Vinton Heuck and Byron Penaranda are halfway to their goal on Kickstarter right now for their newest graphic novel project, Mabigon..."Set in a world of myth and magic"...and they need our help in bringing the project to fruition. For the cause - they have published a free comic preview embedded below. Read it, love it, share it and spread some love to your fellow creator.

To contribute and receive some sweet kick-backs, check their official Kickstarter page here:…


Kickstarter Deets


Both myself and Byron have been working in animation for over a decade, doing occasional comic book work on the side for both DC and MARVEL.

I have directed on shows such as AVENGERS: EARTH'S MIGHTIEST HEROES, THE BATMAN, DEADSPACE (DTV), and on TRANSFORMER'S:PRIME. In comics my most proud achievement was writing on Dave Bullock's visually stunning Deadman story for DC'S WEDNESDAY COMICS.

Byron has done design work and story-boarded on many cartoons, including BEN 10, TRANSFORMERS: PRIME, AVENGER'S: EARTH'S MIGHTIEST HEROES, and TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, just to name a few.

MABIGON is a project we brainstormed while working on a show together to create a story we both craved and wanted to share with other like-minded fans of armored knights and epic fantasy.


Before the days of King Arthur, beyond the veiled mists of time and space, there was MABIGON: THE DRAGON ISLES, whose history would echo throughout our own myths and legends. In this land, SHRIKE carved his reputation as its greatest warrior as he lead his elite group of knights, THE DEVIL'S OWN, on missions for the king to rid his world of magic and rebellion.

But things change when he rescues a princess, GWENYTH, pledged to be the king’s bride. Now their forbidden love will challenge all Shrike knows and believes in even as it tears the kingdom apart, pitting his once comrades-in-arms against him, including his second in command, and life long friend, DRAKE, whose jealous heart needed only a small push to become his deadliest enemy.

As the agents of destiny align their forces of light and darkness along battle lines, Shrike finds himself an unwilling pawn in their game, dragging both he and Gwenyth into the tides of war, and threatening to destroy the love they share forever.


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