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NEW ACCOUNT!! Want a new start, i was never really active on this account so i'd like to try again : )
Also i never liked the username on this account and i cant change it cause i dont have core. the user name is because i was gonna name my main mascot (Doggo) Maddy, but then i decided that was dumb.

So yeah, if anyone who watches my actually likes my stuff, then go watch that account! this one wont be really active anymore (besides posting wyngro related things cause i cant move them to the new acct :' ( ).
I'll be posting art,animations,wips,and a new comic there! I hope to see you there!

i just want to say that i mayyyy make a new account. and not use this one
ill let yall know
if i do
Meet the Artist! by maddy-the-doggo
*  Maddy  * 
(Actual name- Madilyn, i'd prefer Maddy though,, thanks <3)
Social Anxiety...
Gotta love anxiety in general huh.
Im Maddy!! Im totally open to being friends with anyone if you'd like,, im just very um. awkward and quiet. So if I dont respond, or I seem a bit weird at first, its not anyones fault!! I'm just like that (and I hate it).

I like socializing even though I suck at it!!
If anyone needs to vent or something, im not good at really helping or comforting, but i can and will listen.

Maximum ride!
al ot more lol

snake shake (f2u) by Storiel Black cat avatar by HidesBehindThingsshibe icon by spookydoge

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