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YinYang by maddy-the-doggo YinYang by maddy-the-doggo
MMMMMMan these are some weird character I made about a year or 2 ago.

Red one-Yin- female
Blue-Yang- male
Gray (Their fusion)- Idk a name-- Ying? Yan? 
(they are siblings btw)

Story (fragments cause i didnt make a full story)-- Yin and Yang have some sort of psychic powers,, and they can also fuse.
They live in a kingdom.
The prince (or soon to be king) murders Yin, leaving a lot unbalanced, including Yangs powers. Since Yins death, Yangs anger grows-- and so do his powers. 
Yang doesn't have a mouth,, but he communicates via telepathy. He's pretty good at it so he can communicate to large crowds at a time.

Yang eventually confronts the prince, on his coronation day, and tells everyone what the prince has done. The prince somehow convinces the whole crowd that Yang is crazy. Yang is taken away by two guards.

Also I don't know what the princes motive was in killing Yin. Was it an accident? No. Not at all. Was it of greed? Jealousy? Hatred? Or was it just for fun?
Or... Was he trying to survive an attack?

I don't know actually.

That's about it :)

Their universe is weird they have semi modern things, Like old cameras, microphones, basically reaaaally old technology. No tvs tho. Like mid-late 1800's technology idk.

Maybe ill make a comic/story? I'm not planning to yet though cause this is one crazy story. And with school starting soon Im bound to be busy.
yay high school. ;-;
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August 4, 2017
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