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Smiley Ref by maddy-the-doggo Smiley Ref by maddy-the-doggo
Its Smiley! They are one of my ocs I use most, so I figured its about time I made a ref for them!

   Some info :

Arrow left Smiley is actually an incarnated soul, so they technically don't have a gender. Smiley is more on the boy side (with looks), but they will wear/do almost anything, regardless of gender aspect.

Arrow left Speaking of soul, they can and most likely do revert back to soul form if injured.

Arrow left If the damage is bad enough, they can disappear (But they always reform somehow, they never die).

Arrow left Can disappear from neglect as well, although it takes longer and its a quite painful process.

Arrow left Can feel pain.

Arrow left Can manipulate fire. If its blue, Smileys controlling it.

Arrow left Cant be in a lasting relationship (immortal?), but if they are wiling to be in a relationship, they'd probably date anyone, so I guess they'd identify as bi.

Arrow left They will die eventually, there is a way..., but they will be reborn, they just wont be immortal anymore.

Arrow left Sometimes they get infested with roses..
Arrow left Symbol explanation: So each of my representational ocs have a symbol (Arrow , Knife Emoji  , Happy Face,   Undertale SOUL - Monster ). In this case, Smiley has the arrow  Arrow , which represents stress, trouble, and betrayal.

Arrow left Why is their name Smiley?
    Before I made the character Mask (you'll see them soon), this character wore the mask, thus claiming the name Smiley. Then I added the wings to them and decided to get rid of the mask on some occasions. Next thing you know I got rid of the mask (but its better this way). I also never wanted to change their name..

Arrow left Will there be a story for Smiley?
    Yes actually. I do want to write a story/comic that will make sense and explain this guy and the others a little better. They are not in the same universe as some of my other characters.
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June 25, 2017
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