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Darkheart Ref by maddy-the-doggo Darkheart Ref by maddy-the-doggo
(Made on 11/19/17)

This is the first character I have ever made!  She was one of those mary-sueish ocs with the good side evil side thing (hence the halo and the name), but ive tried to fix that.

Age (Range): Young Adult (im not good at picking ages)
Gender: Female
Orentation: Lesbian/Asexual
Personality: Queit, serious, creative, "two-faced", loyal, quick-tempered, unstable.
Likes: Traveling, learning new things, magic, rainy-days, most of her friends, fish.
Dislikes: her bio parents, DD, pasta, hot summer days.
Bio: No one really knows where Darkheart came from. She was adopted, along with her sister Lightheart, by two loving cats. She had a pretty decent life growing up, and she had a mad interest in magic. She read so many fables, myths, and stories about magic, so she decided to try and learn some on her own. Her parents, being heavily religious, were totally against her doing this, especially when Darkheart took an interest in dark magic, one of the most powerful types of magic. Darkheart had to find a way to do her magic secretly, so she started sneaking over to her friend Princesses home. 
    As Darkheart grew older her curiousity about who her actual parents were grew with her. Her parents never would give her a straight answer, and she became really frustrated. The last time she asked she was told to stop asking and Darkheart snapped. The dark magic she practiced found its time to grab its grip, and caused her to become enraged, saying things she's kept bottled up for years and in the process of doing that she curses her parents out, and becoming really emotional while doing so. In the end she runs away (or moves away cause shes old enough at this stage). Darkheart does regret this and wishes to see her parents again, but shes afraid of what will happen.

    She currently resides in (will be added soon, once i finish the refs)
Relationships (with other 2013 characters):
**Will be edited once all refs are finished.

Princess: Darkhearts best friend,, and... giant crush. 
Lightheart: Darkhearts twin sister!! Darkheart cares for her very much and has a special connection with her. 
Foxy: Darkhearts other best friend. Darkheart loves her in a sister way.
Daredevil: Darkhearts cousin and biggest foe. They quarrel a lot.
Chip: Darkhearts guy best friend and magic friend. They both have an interest in magic and learning in general.
Hammy: Darkheart doesnt know him well, she only sees him at Chips place sometimes.
Frost: who??? who are you. (Shes seen him once.)
Angela: Darkheart doesnt talk to Angela much, but she knows her because Angela is Princess' sister.
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November 21, 2017
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