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Coral *with bowtie//upgrade* by maddy-the-doggo Coral *with bowtie//upgrade* by maddy-the-doggo
its my bby coral!!!!!!!
I feel so bad i havent drawn both of the wyngro children in a while soo i gave Coral an upgrade to compensate!
I really need to grow them up,,

1 Accessory

Wyns needed: 6
Drawing Requirements:
Draw your Wyngro with their new accessory-- done 
and write a short story about how they got it:

On a bright sunny day Coral decided to be brave enough to leave the Nook.
Maybe I should ask Rubie.. she'll know the way around. It would probably be best to go with someone Coral thought. So she climbed up to Rubies room and saw Rubie sitting there arranging some rocks.
"Uh.. Rubie right?" Coral mumbled as she approached, "You.. uh.. want to come on a walk or somethin...?"
Rubie looked up from her rocks and stared at Coral in surprise "Really?..." Rubie hesitated, Coral was nervously about to say nevermind, when Rubie chimed in "Ok. Seems fun to me!!"
"Okay.. thanks."


"So you've never left the Nook? Never ever?" Rubie asked, then continued on. "I've been out so many times.. where do you think I get all my rocks from...?"
"Dunno, I just assumed someone always just gave you them." Coral replied, then looked around with an awestruck look on her face.
"I never realized Wynsiph was this big!! I always assumed it was just a couple buildings.." She then saw a little stand with various materials on them. She was curious to see what was there so she walked up. She saw a pretty cool ribbon and she really liked it and asked the working wyngro how much it cost.
"It is.. 5 *insert wyngro currency here cause i dont know*" The worked grumbled then went back to their work. Coral glanced at the hanging ribbon one last time and then walked back to Rubie.
"Hey whats wrong? You look upset.." Rubie asked.
"Oh its nothing..." Coral muttered, "Let's just go back to the Nook."
"Okay, I'll catch up in a minute!" Rubie said and then shuffled off to the stand Coral visited. "Excuse me.. How much is that ribbon?"
"Uh.. 5 *currency*" The worker stated.
"I'll trade you these rocks for it." Rubie said as she dumped a bag of about 15 somewhat rare rocks onto the stand.
The worker hesitated. "Hmm... Okay fine kid, heres the ribbon." The worker said as they handed Rubie the ribbon.
"Thank you!!" Rubie ran off.


Back at the Nook, Coral laid on her bed. Whats taking Rubie so long? Did something happen to her- Corals worries were interupted by Rubie climbing into her room.
"HEY!!! LOOK WHAT I GOT YOU!" Rubie yelled in excitement as she whipped out the ribbon. Coral stared at her in astonishment.
"How the heck did you get it?? Wait did you steal it? Please tell me you didnt.."
Rubie chuckled "No silly, I traded some of my rocks for it. Here."
Rubie tied the ribbon into a pretty bow around Corals neck, but it wasnt too tight.
"Agh- I dont know what to say.." Coral flustered. then added on,"Thank you.. it uh.. it.. means a lot." Coral gives Rubie a hug, and Rubie flinches in surprise. She then gives in and hugs back.


wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwa I wrote way too much. 485 words.
And thats how Coral got her bowtie.
(Rubie fixes it annually) 

I need more lol

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September 22, 2017
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