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{Madd World is a place of endless possibilities, a crossroads of imaginations where all stories intersect. There's no limit to what can happen within this mysterious realm- for better or for worse.}

{Imagine a place you can always escape to
An island off the coast of nowhere
A new destination of your own creation
Just waiting till you choose to go there...}



Madd World is a land of imagination, an entire universe created by the dreams and creativity of the artists among us. It is home to heroes and villains; monsters and angels; darkness, light, and everything in between. A realm of limitless potential.

Some say that Madd World is the place where all stories intersect; a crossroad where every tale, in every timeline and universe, meets. Others believe it to be a land created by capricious Gods who wished to create their own legends. The only thing known for certain about this world is that it is, indeed, quite mad.


The Face of Madd World

Madd World is home to an incredibly diverse range of environments, from tropical to arctic, rural and urban. In fact, the world seems to shift from day-to-day, growing and changing with each new character that finds themselves residing there. Despite the land's impermanent nature, there do seem to be a handful of locales that remain consistent.

[The City] - A large, somewhat crowded city that seems to be the center of activity within the world. Has all of the usual accouterments; shops, restaurants, housing, and a decent subway system.

[The Beach] - A bright and sunny shore with an often-packed boardwalk. Every flavor of ice cream imaginable can be found here.

[The Mansion] - A large, abandoned house on the outskirts of the city. Is in poor shape, but currently being repaired; no one is sure where it came from, but there doesn't seem to be any end to its many halls.

[The Bread Box] - A bakery owned by Korah proprietor Kadri Taylor. A small establishment, but well known throughout the community for being a nice place to be alone with ones thoughts. People with guilty consciences find themselves unconsciously drawn to it.

[Spiced Chai] - A small but busy bakery and coffee house. Known for their handmade breads and desserts. Run by Milo, a redheaded lumberjack and his poly family.

[The Witch's House] -  Basil's place for fortunes and spells. Deadpan sarcasm free with entry.

[Atlantis View Resort] - Owned and maintained by the Onakea family. A beachside hotel and resort outfitted with restaurants, pools, diving equipment, and regular tours of the beachside city. Said to be a center of paranormal activity, but nobody is really sure if that's true..

[Maid Cafe] - A happy little cafe situated next to the Atlantis View hotel. Staffed by quite a colorful assortment of girls.

[BioSource HQ] - Large 73-story building. The center of genetic research and number one provider of medical care in the city. Totally not the bad guys' lair.

[Happy Hearts Hospital] - The city's secondary care center. Equipped with top-of-the-line technology, as well as some less-than-impressive staff.

[The University] - A place for students to study, learn... And party like college kids.

[The Butterfly Lounge] - Ran by Renard Dupont. A restaurant known for it's employment of incredibly cute and attractive girls as waitresses. What many don't know is that at night, the Butterfree Lounge becomes an somehow lesser known information brokering establishment at night, trading information for favors, or for a lot of cash.

[The Pub] - Get your drink and leave.

[The Toyhouse] - A bar and lounge known for it's exclusively attractive hosts and employees.
Usually more open to high class, and others need to be accompanied by a member to get in.

[Lynch's Casino] - Gaudy with bright, neon lights and lounge singing. Mini is banned from here. His face is posted up at the bar, stating, "Do not serve this motherfucker."

[The Fairgrounds] - An abandoned carnival in an isolated lot. Enter at your own risk.
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