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This was plus a drawing made in Inkscape 0,45 using effect Gissian Blur “new effect” is only vector, does not have image, nothing of images, vector only using the maximum of the Effect leaving the drawing with the possible aspect most real…

They forgive my bad English :P
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Ficou muuuuuito bom mano!! Parabéns!!
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amazing !
inkscape rules ! :D
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Holy moly man, this is great!:D
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Estos es realmente incrible y sinceramente pense que algo con ese realismo solo se podia conseguir con ilustrador. Inkscape es lo mejor!!!
This is really amazing and sincerely I think that something with this level of realism only could be done with ilustrator. Inkscape the best!!!!
Is it possible to include this great graphics as example what is possible with Inkscape for Community Fedora Remix Linux distribution?

If it is ok please give me link to your source svg file, I would love to include this graphics and ofcourse give you attribution.

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It's so real. I love it. ;)
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This is amazing! :)
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oh wow! this rocks!!!
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E mesmo um bom trabalho, gosto muito !
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an amazing piece. amazing attention to detail. your hard work really paid off
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Good work!!!
It's very realistic.
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Purely incredible !!!
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except of the thread you can figure out that´s not real...

awesom duuuude^^
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i know how hard can be doing something like this without meshtool (i dont like meshtool), i'm a illustrator user since 5 /5.5... and i use InkScape on ubuntu, like a year ago... i know that this app is more powerfull than what we think (this work is a good example) and i'll start to use it, cuz it handle the gradients and transparency better than ANY other vector app.

REALLY GOOD WORK!!!!!! hope someday can do something like this one:P!!!!
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Que bom isso, ta bem realista, parabens
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muito bom , lembra um pouco o MESH do illustrator
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Very impressive.
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this is really good and realistic
haha, someone who've never heard of vector art even thought it was real
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