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" A picture of misery in angel's form.."

<tt> -a schizophrenic's self-description.</tt>

***Note: background is based off of a photograph from National Geographic.. I would cite the photographer if I could find them.***

This was a tough, time consuming project. It is about 2'x3', and is charcoal, chalk pastel, and conte.

As the title describes, this is supposed to represent mental disorders, or more specifically, schizophrenia. This disorder is so often mistaken and distorted, even glorified, and I wanted to expose it as the raw and deeply saddening disorder that it is. I also wanted to dispose of the myths that many people make mixing it up with multiple personality disorder.I have a interest for psychopathology and read a lot about it, but realize that it is nothing to be venerated. As described by schizophrenics, it truly is horrifying. Paranoia, dilusions and mistrust are all factors, and besides the lives ruined by such a delibitating disorder, the families are the most impacted.

This is how I see it:
A deep, dark tunnel of grotesque faces and disturbed lives. No where to escape the hiderance, the paranoia, the fear.
Hiding in the shadows only draws them further away from the real world, from the ones they love.
A living nightmare.

I can't imagine what they, and their families, must go through.

I can only hope that one day there will be a cure, a way out of this darkness.
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Hey. I am looking for the music album cover art. Your artwork can fit. The album is Schizoaffective, by Astral. Please, let me know if you would consider to let me use it. Thank you.
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I can't describe this as anything other than beautiful.
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Quite relatable. I know this feeling. This imagery is STUNNING, a work of pure fine art and perception. Wow. :clap: 
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I wouldn't describe schizophrenia as a *disease*, because it's not like it's a medical condition like ebola or the measles. It's a mental health issue like depression. Of course, my schizophrenia isn't as severe as some other people's, but I don't like to see it as a disease.
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Thanks for your feedback. I wrote the description for this piece over 8 years ago, and think my knowledge on the subject has improved since then (Also, before I studied public health in school), so I don't know if I would write the same words today. Also in that time I've had new diagnoses (BPD, GAD) and have thought about the dialogue around mental health more since then. I know there are debates around whether it would technically be classified as a non-communicable disease, like CVD or asthma, but I'm not adamant either way and will change the description just to avoid this issue in the future. 

As for my own health challenges, I have found it beneficial to regard it as a disease when addressing the widespread ignorance around mental health. I have been told enough times to just "get over it" or "just be positive!" even by people close to me who don't understand how much is out of my control with my brain. Relating my mental health issues to other diseases or illnesses has helped those close to me understand how and how not to manage these diagnoses.

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Thank you, your comment is greatly appreciated! It is a challenge trying to depict something as an outsider, but I am glad to hear that I am giving it some justice! I have some of my own mental health challenges, so maybe that helps. 
And it would be no problem at all if you want to use it!! Thank you for asking :) 
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I have schizophrenia and you actually showed this really well. Realistically its a lot darker than that but for someone with a case of schizophrenia not as severe as mine that's just about right. Good work! 

Would you mind if I borrowed your image for a school assignment? I'll be sure to give you credit if you'd like. 
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My name is Samantha and I'm a 22 year old student who has schizoaffective disorder- that's basically schizophrenia and a mood disorder (in my case depressive type but it could be bipolar type). The main reason I am on this site is to possibly persuade people to allow me to use certain pieces of theirs to better design for my blog/update my cover photo for my blog's Facebook page. This artwork is phenomenal and I would love use it in anyway you feel comfortable. Now, of course I would be happy to exchange goods/services with you- if there's anything I can do to benefit you please tell me. Idk how this site feels about money exchanging hands so I'd want to stay away from it-I'm paranoid. It comes with the deal.

My blog's name is Schizophrenic Confidential, and the URL is

I hope you don't think this inappropriate, gotta ask, you know?

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Also, for citing the background is based off a photo from National Geographic, so I wouldn't be able to publish it even if I wanted to :P However, I see no reason why it can't be used for a blog!
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Hey Sam!

I would be honoured if you use my piece, no problem! If its just for your blog (not a book or something, right?) then no need for any financial compensation, but if you could please cite my name (Lauren Crawshaw) and just link back to this page that would be enough :). (I had some problems of plagiarism lately so I worry about that..)
That is awesome you are doing a blog about your experience. Mental health is such an invisible struggle and a taboo subject. It's something I am currently struggling with, so great to see efforts to change public perception.

If you need any further details, let me know. Good luck on your blog and thank you for the kind words!

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Hey Lauren :D

Sorry for the delayed reply, I kept looking at my gmail hoping i'd get a notification. Haha. Awesome! Just gotta figure out how to customize this in blog templates. I will contact you when it's up/i'm done.

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Cool! Did you get my email with the attachment? If not I can resend :)
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Okay, took me forever to figure it out, but here's the link!

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Looks great! Thanks so much for sharing and good luck with your page!
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Thank you. I once had to explain to a friend of mine what hallucinations are really like because she misunderstood them to be like dreams when you're awake, which isn't completely inaccurate, but she was thinking of them as good dreams, which often isn't the case. So I told her to imagine the worst nightmare that she's ever had, and then that she couldn't wake up because she wasn't dreaming. She then understood the pain that this and similar illnesses can cause.
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I can really relate to this picture, because I am schizophrenic, and this is definitely similar to what I go through. Although, the person in the picture is crying, and I am unable to cry, because of my condition. Schizos either cry too much, or cannot cry at all :P
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This piece is simply amazing! So much so that I'm astonished! I can't help but wonder, though, since your artwork is so detailed, if you know something about schizophrenia yourself. Hmmm? Just kidding. Great Job!!! ;)
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this is... beyond description in it's complexity, it's beauty and sheer physicalization of the sublime.
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wow this is a really good representation of schizophrenia...i have had it since my early twenties...and that piece just describes it to a "T" love the details and and the feel for the piece...all i have to say is great work.
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Wow, thank you so much for your wonderful comment. It is the biggest honour knowing that I am representing it in it's proper light, hopefully away from the many misconceptions. There is still so much for me to learn, but I feel assured to know that I am on the right path to understanding.

I wish you all the best!
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I have Shizophrenia since 2003, i found your Picture with the Search funktion...and it's great.
I love it, really...finally someone who knows the real Face of this "Illness".
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Wow, thank you for commenting.

I am interested psychopathology, and have always been angry at how people tend to lack any knowledge on the subject, such as always mixing it up with Dissassociative Identity Disorder.
I was really hoping that I would be able to portray it properly, since it is something that I am sure you cannot truly comprehend without actually experiencing it. I tried my best to do research and listen about what the experience is. Hearing this from you in encouraging that I have managed to do some justice to the people who have it.

All I can say is thank you. :)
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Magnifique !!! I love all in this picture , squizophrenic is a fantastic thing , Congratulation for this picture ^^ :) :heart:
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