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[DL] Tda Future Rin Append



Ohayou, Mina-san! ^_^

It's been awhile since I've released a model. I'm sorry it's taken so long, but I put a lot of time and extra effort into this one because she is a very, very special model to me.

She's special because it was none other than Rin Append who originally inspired my Convergence Series of models. She can actually be considered as their Progenitor.
Why Rin, you ask?
Well you see, I had always felt that the Append Series was 'unfinished'. Barefoot, clothing in disarray, clasps unclasped, belts undone... basically, although superbly designed, an Append model just looks half dressed to me.

But Rin Append didn't. She had shoes, sleeves, leggings, and other assorted decorative whatnot. With everything properly fastened and in its appropriate place, her outfit was complete. And then I suddenly saw it. If I took parts of the Tda Default clothing set and added them to an Append Miku model I might just be able to finish dressing her! I set to work, and after a lot of experimentation and sheer dumb luck, Convergence Miku was born. She was followed by the rest of the ladies in the main lineup with the notable exception of one model.

There was no Convergence Rin. But why not?

Mainly because she was already the inspiration for the Convergence design. Honestly, there really was nothing I could do to improve her outfit. Sure, I could build her to match the other girls, but she just wouldn't 'feel' right to me. The thing is, Rin Append 'done right' already exists, and because of that, I never felt a need to create Convergence Rin.
But wait...
Who says that convergence has to be achieved with mere clothing? Why not 'convergify' the character herself?
Sure, Rin Append exists, but she's still 14 years old. Future Rin exists, but how old is she? Well, since her age is not specified, I'm taking responsibility and stating right here and now that Future Rin is 22 years old! o_0
How did I arrive at that arbitrary age? It's quite simple, really. I based her age on it taking 8 years* for her hair to grow this long! =P

So, I'm extremely pleased and proud to introduce my lovely little Lemon Blossom, the Daughter of Evil herself, Future Rin Append! =D
She's 22 years old, and dressed in her high school years Append performance outfit. A 'convergence' of past and future versions of her, if you will. =)

[Unfortunately for Rin, her hair is all that grew aside from her getting a little bit taller (150>155 cm). Unlike most female Anime characters, she did not automagically sprout a ginormous set of DDs and grow legs that go all the way to the ground as she aged. She developed 'normally' and is built just like the majority of real 22 year old Japanese females are, namely petite.
Sorry 'bout that, Rinny - no Pafu-Pafu for you, but look at the bright side - you can still fit into your school uniform! How many women can say that? You may be mad at me for it now, but trust me my dear, in another 8 years you'll be thanking me. ;P ]

If you use or edit her, please post a link? I would love to see what you do with her! ^_^

General Information:

The full range of semi-standard bones that the newer motions require have been installed.
The model's Labels, Groups, and Tabs have all been fully translated into English for ease of use.
The Groups have been organized to make it easier to find specific bones.
All secondary reference readmes, images, and textures are sorted into separate folders.

Modeling History and Credits:

Tda Future Rin Append by Maddoktor2

Original Modeling: Tda
Rin Append: Akirinaf
Main Hair Set: HenachokoErika
Front Tails and Head: Maddoktor2
Head Accessories: mqdl
Modifications: Maddoktor2


Editing Tools:

MMD 9.26, PMDe 0.1.39, PMXe, Metasequoia LE R3.0, GIMP 2.8.14 Portable, Photoshop CS5 Portable

 Bullet; Green Edit
 Bullet; Green Parts [Tda models only]
 Bullet; Green Redistribute [edits only]
Please read the included ReadMe(s).
Please credit appropriately.


Bones: 321
Physics: 189
Joints: 185
Vertices: 36,178
Surfaces: 52,038
Morphs: 72
Groups: 14
Materials: 30
State of Physics: Excellent
State of Joints: Excellent
State of Vertices: Excellent
PMX Verification: 100%


AutoLuminous4, dAdultShaderSilky, WorkingFloorAl, Default Lighting

Pose by Maddoktor2
Demo Video: MMD Tda Future Rin Append - Romeo X Juliet Theme by :icontrackdancer:

I hope you like her. =) (Smile)

* The Kagamine Twins were originally introduced in 2007.
© 2015 - 2022 Maddoktor2
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Um, I'm sorry if this offends you, but her main symbol is an orange.