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I'm have way through my 7th storyboard I'm finally satisfied with the plot, the flow, and the story itself. I'm working on a One-Chapter and hopefully it will be ready some time next year. 
BUT here are some tips from me to you:
1. Be Patient: Lets be real, there is no way you are going to make a book,comic or manga really fast, especially if want to be the best it can be.
2. Practice: If you are struggling drawing bodies or backgrounds than practice
3. Be true to yourself: If you are dissatisfied with something don't be afraid to change it
4. Don't get frustrated: don't put to much on your self just have fun doing what you love to do.
5. Storyboards: Storyboarding is very important, work on it, go over it and delete, or add things that you want. Don't even think about getting started if you haven't finished or even made it.
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