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What else can I say? Its knitting! Mind-numbing, hand bleeding knitting. :3

Page of my 'Detail' project sketchbook.

Enjoy! Tell me whatcha think!
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wow, this looks painstaking.

It reminds me of when I was in primary school we all had to draw a corn on the cob and I took a week longer than everyone else as I was insistant on drawing every cernal. Well, this is more hardcore in fact! :P

A ful days work?
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Haha, it was a bit insane of me. x)
I had a friend who drew an entire beach with aaaall the pebbles. Its that level of insane. x)
A few evenings I'd say.
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I'm really enjoying..
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My gallery? Or life in general? Heheh, I hope it both! Thankyou!