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For the Official Amanda Palmer Themed Tarot Cards. I got chosen to draw the Hierophant. I struggled a bit but came up with this, several ambiguous meanings; just right for Tarot.

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Hi, we're getting the deck together and we're going to kickstart it. Email me ay
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I like the idea of nature as the ultimate teacher, far more wisdom than we could ever pass on in words.
this is meeeeeeeeee
aim amanda
my s husband did bondage on me
he wouldnt let me eat i grow skinny
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Wow, this is such a striking image. I find it absolutely fascinating.

What I see in this is about life and death and even religion, dare I be so bold!(crusafix hanging there in balance with the skull) I could try and read this for a long time!

My favourite so far!

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Raaathie! You have dA! Horray!
Thankyou so much! Well thats the thing about Tarot cards, you gotta see loads in them! So hopefully I did that! Not sure whatever happened to them though...
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oooh, so how did you interpret it ? What does the tree symbolize ? and all he little things hanging ?
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The hierophant is linked to knowledge so relates to the 'tree of knowledge', he has the fruit in his hands and it is easily accessable to him yet the mortals cannot get to this knowledge. The little things in trees are just some traditional imagery that I looked up! ^^;
How are you getting along with yours?
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ooh nice. Why has amanda a kind of blindfold on her mouth ? cannot access this knowledge ? and why the castle ?
i'm finished now. I'll try and post part of it somewhere. Lotsof details, I really overdid myself !
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I really love the illustrative style you have going on. The color scheme is like a soft lens- it just makes everything feel cozy. Is this for PostWarTrade?
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I'm not sure what its for really....I never asked. x) Thankyou though!
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Beautiful! Although I've never heard of Tarot cards before...what are they exactly?
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Don't worry, I didn't know much about them. Theyre a set of cards that people use to tell someones "future" or answer questions that they have, by drawing out different cards and "reading them"...each one has a different meaning so you find your 'answer' through them. They're associated with witchcraft a bit but just seems a bit of fun.
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Ohh sounds interesting. Congratulations for being chosen to make a card!

Oh and I didn't notice the man in the tree either until someone above me pointed it looks pretty amazing :)
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Wow, that's amazing.
How do you stop your fineliner from smudging??
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I use water-proof pens. Expensive waterproof pens. >___<
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Oh sweet, there's gonna be a whole deck?!? When is this happening??? I like this one. I cannot for the life of me remember anything about this card, though. Guess it's google time.
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Yurp, done by different artists! Should be out by christmas if everyone keeps to the deadline! <3
I'v put my own twist on the idea but theres still the same symbols and stuff.
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The detail of the tree's bark is brilliant. The man in the tree blends in so well I almost missed it on the first look.

Are these being made for sale or just as a fun project? I've been trying to find a tarot deck that suited me, and I think an Amanda Palmer one would do that nicely.
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They SHOULD be in shops by christmas. Because of my twitter fame I got chosen to do one card for them. So totally should get these ones! (but aparently its bad luck to buy them for yourself?)
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its not bad luck ;//// hah thats so dumb -.- its actually dumb to let anyone by them for you. People that read tarot are very specific and picky about decks and most of them probably wouldn't ever use a deck they didn't pick on their own ^.^ thats a silly myth.
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As in, to buy your own pack and use them for your own fortune? I dunno, I just read in a book somewhere....Probably is a silly myth though...I don't believe much in good luck/bad luck anyway.
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traditionally yes you could buy your own pack and use it for your own fortune but you might not want to tell anyone elses with the same deck - say if a witch had the deck charged with energy that might be for honesty or a certain virtue - that may not be the type of reading they would give to another person?
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I guess I agree with that....You seem to know a lot more than me about it anyway so Im not gunna argue. x)
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