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by ymymy

So, overall, I think this is a really nice piece. You obviously have a grasp on this type of soft, slightly sketchy drawing style, and ...

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Academy AU: Volleyball introductions
Jo scowled as she sprinted down the hall, bits of dirt still falling off of her as she ran. Football had gone way too late, and she was supposed to have been at volleyball ten minutes ago for their first practice… that she was in charge of. Ugh. Added to the fact that she had taken a particularly nasty hit right at the end of practice, and now the hallway seemed to be spinning as she ran. Dammit.
She finally skidded to a halt before she smashed into the gym doors and pressed them open, the sound of girls chatting filling her ears which stopped abruptly as she entered. Jo did make quite an entrance, even when she didn't mean too… Especially when she still had mud and blood caked on her elbows and her hair was sticking up on every direction from her helmet. Oh well, at least she didn't have to yell for their attention, and only had to gesture for them to come over and surround her.
"Sorry I'm late guys…" She stated, cringing at how scratchy her voice came out. Stupid footb
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Which KDA Member Should I Draw? 

4 deviants said Ahri (Kitsune)
2 deviants said Akali (Ninja)
1 deviant said Kai'Sa (Hunter)
No deviants said Evelynn (Demon)


Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
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Hi I'm Maddie ^^

I'm a long standing member here, this is simply my second account lol. I've been on dA for about nine years at this point
I am now an Animation Student in a renowned Art Program (Yes Mama I made it TTuTT) and I hope to be posting more and more improved work to share with y'all. :heart:

I am also a writer; I'm in the process of publishing my first book series named LAPIS
And recently, I've started my first webcomic, Mortal Wings!
You can read it now on Webtoon!

I also kinda love to draw couples |D

Open for Commissions, just note me ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

Last account -> Serene-SimpliciT
LAPIS logo by MaddieJK
Mortal Wings | Logo by MaddieJK


Happy Friday :Week 179:
Here's the next entry to the Happy Friday series; a series I post on Instagram (maddiejk_pdf) in which every Friday/Weekend I post a cute sketch of a couple. 
Due to the craziness of summer, I fell a bit behind and I'm now 6 behind TTuTT

So here's week 179: Isugoro and Maggie
Story: Original | LAPIS

Special Note - So this semester I took an art history class focused on the Italian Renaissance. Now I just want to draw all the stuff that was done in that time period, because the Italian renaissance is one of my favorite art periods. Everything was just so PRETTY and the anatomy was PERFECT and dammit I just love the shit. So, in response to the fact that today was my final in the class, I felt like drawing my babehs in a pose that was reminiscent of that type of art. That and I've felt the need over the past few days to draw them more so ta-daaaaaa lol


Last Drawing
Happy Friday :Week 178: by MaddieJK
So I realized I've never really done a full drawing of HERA, and I felt the need to do so XD

She was super fun to draw. Honestly, she's probably the most different looking of my main girls, considering her gauges and her tattoos and all the fun stuff. 
I haven't made an official design for her Soul Weapon, Athena, yet. I kinda wanted her to have a scythe-like blade, but then I realized that would be a trait Deran's soul weapon has so idk if that should be a shared trait or solely Deran's thing.


But side info!
~She's 6' (she's my tallest girl lol)
~She's mental age wise about 26-27 years old
~She's actually younger than both Sammy and Maggie (she was born in 2045)
~Her real name is kept basically a secret
~Her ability is mind control
~She's the leader of the Jeweloids
~She's the second most powerful (Maggie|LAPIS is first)
Happy Friday :Week 178:
Here's the next entry to the Happy Friday series; a series I post on Instagram (maddiejk_pdf) in which every Friday/Weekend I post a cute sketch of a couple. 
Due to the craziness of summer, I fell a bit behind and I'm now 6 behind TTuTT

So here's week 178: Troy and Arella
Story: Original | Mortal Wings

Special Note - I have avoided drawing something like this for literal months, and I just couldn't stop myself anymore |D
So it's a not so spoiler spoiler that I eventually put a romance into Mortal Wings between Troy and Arella. BUT
It's not till basically the END of the story
It's built up very slowly. Like in this drawing, they aren't a couple.

This happens in the awkward time between a crush admission by one of them, and them actually becoming a couple.
Also something really INTENSE happens right after this . . . so that's a thing |D

Last Drawing
Happy Friday :Week 177: by MaddieJK

Next Drawing
Happy Friday :Week 179: by MaddieJK
Bus Stop
I enjoy these two with a passion

Liam is just a nice person, and honestly, I don't think Selena knows how to react to him when they're first getting to know each other. She's super stubborn, and taking help is just not a common trait for her. Liam on the other hand just wants to be helpful in any way he can without being too forward, such as offering space under his umbrella while she waits for the bus home.

There is an event very similar to this that happens in the comic, and I'm just looking forward to putting it out. The scene is a bit more bittersweet in the context of the comic, so I thought doing a cuter version would be nice.

Enjoy this minor trailer lol

Del Rio (c) Maddie King | MaddieJK

Major Character Design Change?

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 25, 2018, 8:36 AM
Heyyyyyy guys!

So wow, it's been a minute so I thought I'd post something since I've actually been debating something for a minute, and I want some second opinions.

So if you've known me for a minute, or you've seen any of my work, you'll know about my character, Sammy <3
Sammy | QUARTZ :Photoshoot: by MaddieJK
She's one of my older characters, I think I first drew her character design in . . . 2012? So I would've been around 15.
She's also one of my first African American characters.

Recently, I went out to eat with a few friends of mine, all who happened to be African American. At some point during dinner, the topic of hair came up. I've never really known a lot about the subject, so I was very intrigued to learn about how their hair is different from mine. It was during this conversation I discovered that Sammy's hair would only be possible if she had gotten a perm/had it relaxed, prior to becoming a Jeweloid (in LAPIS, the Jeweloid's appearance are normally locked on what they looked like at the time they were frozen). That, and even with a perm, her hair would still have the texture of her natural hair type. And she probably would've worn straightened extensions (but when she was human she wore her hair short so that's not necessarily relative).

Sooooo, I've been kinda debating with myself if I want to change her design at all. I mean, since, I have looked into it, and so far, the closest thing to Sammy's hair is worn by mixed women, which Sammy is not. Of course, everything else about Sammy will be the same, I mean if I did change her, she'd probably have hair similar to her aunt when she was younger.
MarlyY by MaddieJK

I'm actually working on a larger drawing with Sammy now so I may test out the design there.
We'll see lol

I mean, push come to shove I can always change it back lol

Thanks guys~

Maddie :heart:
Corgi by MaddieJK

Skin by UszatyArbuz
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