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Dark Trail by Maddie--Chan Dark Trail :iconmaddie--chan:Maddie--Chan 1 0
The Scorn and Broken
One of those days I wanted to peel up,
like the crunchy autumn leaves on the street.
When life handed me my cup,
it was empty and it felt as if I were beat.
Life always was a drag,
especially when it really blew up in my face.
All those who want to brag,
of how they were the ones who almost ended my case.
That silver blade was ever so sweet,
the gleam took to my eye with such lust.
Its what would sweep me off my feet,
and my bad luck would be a bust.
Death a sweet salvation,
a yearn for my eternal youth.
And when its rusty sheath almost took me by sensation,
a gleaming light came towards me revealing the truth.
A fate I had just vaguely alluded,
became my hope for the rest of eternity.
I learned my book had not concluded,
but the chapter just ended in my self pity.
Learning how to love was my first lesson
along with how to avoid the bullshit.
This would be the first step to my ascension,
but that wouldn't be enough to stop me from all of it.
The cold people you'll meet,
the bone chilli
:iconmaddie--chan:Maddie--Chan 0 0
I'm Waiting on You by Maddie--Chan I'm Waiting on You :iconmaddie--chan:Maddie--Chan 0 0 Living in This Demented World by Maddie--Chan Living in This Demented World :iconmaddie--chan:Maddie--Chan 3 1 Lifting This Weight Off My Shoulders by Maddie--Chan Lifting This Weight Off My Shoulders :iconmaddie--chan:Maddie--Chan 3 0 Lusting After You by Maddie--Chan Lusting After You :iconmaddie--chan:Maddie--Chan 0 1 Do You Not See the Pain I've Washed Away? by Maddie--Chan Do You Not See the Pain I've Washed Away? :iconmaddie--chan:Maddie--Chan 1 0 My Thoughts Leave Me in Scars by Maddie--Chan My Thoughts Leave Me in Scars :iconmaddie--chan:Maddie--Chan 2 0 My Will You is Too Powerful by Maddie--Chan My Will You is Too Powerful :iconmaddie--chan:Maddie--Chan 1 1 Secrets Don't Make Friends by Maddie--Chan Secrets Don't Make Friends :iconmaddie--chan:Maddie--Chan 0 0 Distance is Derpression by Maddie--Chan Distance is Derpression :iconmaddie--chan:Maddie--Chan 1 2 Cinematic Flower by Maddie--Chan Cinematic Flower :iconmaddie--chan:Maddie--Chan 1 0
The Warrior
She is spit on by society,
everyday by such brutality.
Her struggles are ones with pain,
with just about no gain.
She can never fit in,
anytime she tries to begin.
She's tried everything,
but she's still failing.
If you ask her if she has friends,
she will reply "Oh those things that always end?"
Is she really never enough?
Even when she has to bluff?
Does anyone know the truth?
About everything throughout her youth?
If they did they'd be there,
instead of leaving her in despair.
But yet she keeps going,
in a bright light glowing.
She may be alone and wearing a frown,
but she's been through so much she's not easily knocked down.
:iconmaddie--chan:Maddie--Chan 1 2
The All Around Girl
By day she longboards as fast as light,
and plays video games into the endless night.
All around strength in every sport,
for she dominates on every court.
She seems amazing and bright,
but have you seen her fight?
She wears a smile almost everyday,
but is truly broken in everyway.
She wonders, "Does anyone really care,
is life really this unfair?"
Everyone just uses her,
but do the know they are a mental abuser?
She's grown so strong,
from everything that's been wrong.
She's finally happy and okay,
and these feelings are here to stay.
:iconmaddie--chan:Maddie--Chan 2 1
Music is my Escape
As I put my headphones on and listen to this beat and flow,
the music creates and illuminating glow.
I jump into this fray,
and suddenly I am taken away.
The bass surrounds me,
and I think to myself "can this be?"
Then the vocalist begins,
and I am purified of my sins.
This guitar solo is exploding,
and suddenly I am floating.
I look down to see drama and bullshit,
and I spit down as I fly away from it.
I stand up and dance,
as the music puts me in a trance.
After a while I lie down and laugh,
as I realize I'm being taken away on the staff.
:iconmaddie--chan:Maddie--Chan 1 1
To be honest? Everything was great. I actually have gotten friends, I have a close knit loving family, and I play sports do clubs, and am I high honors student. Life had become……great? No perfect, for once in my life. Until that day, the day I got home and that “perfect” I thought I had, broke like glass, it was shattered and could never be picked up again. “Atrial Fibrillation” my mom spoke tears streaming down her now rosy red cheeks. Two words that would change my like ridiculously. My dad had lived through a heart attack and was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation at age 40, and it was bad. Like they say, cherish every moment in life because you might never get it back.
My perfect seemed pathetic now. Did I really ever think that after 12 years I’d ever actually find “perfect”? I’m pathetic I hopelessly thought. My dad, my one and only dad, who loved his family more than anything gets a terrible heart disease? All he
:iconmaddie--chan:Maddie--Chan 0 0

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Calcifer Plushie on my hand by yael360 Calcifer Plushie on my hand :iconyael360:yael360 363 32 A Real The Legend of Zelda by oOPrinzessinZeldaOo A Real The Legend of Zelda :iconooprinzessinzeldaoo:oOPrinzessinZeldaOo 710 113


Because I'm gonna follow the crowd lolz

Basic Info: :iconkingshinigami092:

-When exactly did you two first meet?
November 9th 2013

-Where did you two first meet?
At my friend :icongrovelson: 's party

-What was your first impression of him?
He was really cute and funny cx

-When did you start liking him?
When I first met him but we didn't click right away it took us a bit to talk more

-When did you two start going out?
February 19th, 2014

-What was your first kiss with him like?
It was spontaneous and exciting 

-Are you his first girlfriend?
Um for a legitimate high school relationship yes

-Is he your first boyfriend?

► About Him:

-How much older/younger is he compared to you?
He's like 6 months older than me

-Hair color?

-Eye color?

-Skin tone?
Lightly tan




-Chest hair?
Yes cx

I know he has some


Extremely xD

Extremely funny

Yes but only enough to claim territory and I like that



Very extremely cx

Yes but enough in a good way, not overly so its creepy and annoying and not a little to where its like he doesn't care. 

He is very expressive of his feelings


He's a mix

He does karate

In a writing way

► His skills:

-Can he cook or bake?
He said he's gonna cook for me cx

-Can he repair/fix things?
I bet

-Can he dance?
In a cute and funny dorky way cx

-Can he sing?
YES he is very good c: I love when he sings to me

-Can he draw?
I never have seen anything he has drawn

-Can he play any instrument?
He plays da trumpet

-Can he write well?
From what I've heard

-Can he make you laugh?
He always does :)

-Can he make others laugh?

-What is his talent if he has found it?
Hm not sure but to me he has a talent of being a great and caring partner ;*

-Is he good at science and math?
Well he's taking B science and A math so yes

► Random quirks:

-Is he a pet lover?
Sure we gonna get a kittyyyyy and a ferretttt and a komodo dragonnn :3

-Is he environment-friendly?
Why not lol

-What are his views on political issues?
I don't think he particularly cares

-Is he racist?

-Is he a vegetarian?

-Does he drink?
No he better not


Very much so~

-Abuse drugs?

-Is he hairy?
Dem hairy legs

-Does he donate to beggars?

-Is he neat/messy?
I'd say more messy

► His love life:

-Is he romantic?
Extremely <3

-Does he pay for your meals/tickets/etc?

-Does he express his love for you in words or in actions?

-Things you don't like about him (though you accept his faults):
I don't like when he gets really upset and thinks I don't love him or that he's an asshole douchebag or has hurt me

-Any habits of his that you dislike?
Blowing in my damn ear

-Anything about his appearance that you dislike?
Nope he is perfect exactly how he is <3

-What's the sweetest thing he ever said to you?
That he can't wait to start a life together and a family cx

-When was the latest you stayed up with him?
Um I think like 5 or 6 on GTA xD

-Do you give each other advice?

-Have you ever put his last name as your own to see how it'd sound?
Check my papers and doodles cx 

-Did you like it?
Madison Barbara Young I'd be Young forever if it meant I'd be with him ;*

-Ever dreamed about him?

-What happened?
Good things....but also bad things....

-When you're upset, he:
Will do absolutely anything to change that

-When hes upset, you:
Remind him how much I love him and that everything will be ok no matter what has happened and that I'll give him lots of cuddles and kisses when I see him next c:

-When hes happy, you:
Get happy at the fact that he is

-Does he ever try to change something about you?

-Would you be willing to give anything for him to be happy?

-What was the most romantic thing you've done together?
Um either planned out our future, kissed on the top of a Ferris wheel, or kissed and did romantic poses on a beach

-Would you ever cancel plans with friends to be with him?
Only if he truly needed me and was in dire need of me. I hope that's not bad? I mean I am aloud to have other friends to hang out with just like he is.

-How often do you think about him?
All day everyday :)

-When you think about him, you:
Think about all the fun things we've done, will do, miss him, think of how amazing and perfect he is, everything he's ever told me.

-When he first saw you, you:
Stared at him wondering why such a cute guy has never met me till that moment

-Are you flirty with each other?
Very cx

-Life without him would be:

-Have you ever marveled about how lucky you are to have met him?
24/7 and I constantly remind him ;*

-Have you ever doodled his name without thinking about it?
Again check my papers, notes, skin anything

-Does he make you feel protected?
All the time especially when he holds me tight and promises to never let go, or when he says he'll hurt anyone who hurts me

-Are you proud of him?
Yes :)

-Is he proud of you?
Yesh :3

-Do you ever embarrass yourself in front of him?

-What's your best memory with him?
Probably when we hung out at my house for the first time just us and my sisters and we went out to look for one and we kept pretending to push each other in the snow and he almost actually did but caught me last second. Then like 2 minutes after he asked me out cx probably the happiest day of my life.

Probably when we had to talk about a couple things, or times when either of us have been upset over something irrelevant and felt horrible that they were going through it

-Have you ever been in a fight?
Never thankfully

-Does he make you angry sometimes?
Yes when he thinks he is a horrible boyfriend!!!

-How often?
Whenever he says that and continues to go on about it

-Do you ever talk about love?
We have a lot of really intense deep conversation and this is a frequent topic

-What about the future?
Yes one of my favorites. Really because guys don't normally think of the future with their girl so him actually wanting to marry, buy a house, have kids, pets, and make a family of our own is amazing to me <3

-Do your parents know about him?

-Do his parents know about you?
Yes they do c:

-If so, do they like you?
I believe so since they are extremely nice and like seeing me and his dad jokes around with me

-Your relationship's theme song would be:
Well our song All of Me of course ;) <3

-Weirdest thing about him:
His voices and faces cx but they're a cute weird

-Did/Do you have a codename for him you use with your friends?

-Do you have a favorite of his clothing?
ALL DA HOODIES <333333333

-Do you stay up later than normal just to talk to him?
All the time

-Do you have a favorite picture of him?
Of course I have over 200 screenshots on my phone from snapchat c:

-Do you try to look attractive around him?
I do and I don't

-Are you in love with him?
I truly in my heart believe so

-Why do you love him?
Because he isn't just any other guy. Ok I'm not gonna lie I have a pretty good body even though I don't feel that way sometimes and most guys try to use me for sex and they're pleasure but he actually likes me for me. And anytime he compliments my body he always says me and my personality are ten times better. He also treats me like a living princess and is a gentlemen. he listens to me when I have something to say and actually has really good and deep conversation with me. I also can connect with him on an emotion, physical, and mental stand point. He is extremely fun to be around and always makes being with him a fun and memorable time from anything as simple as playing video games in my basement to going to canobie. He also is extremely protective which I really like because I like to feel safe and like I matter. He also is one of the greatest people I have ever met, he is smart, funny, caring, kind, and 100% himself. Which happens to be my favorite part of him. but yes I'll stop rambling about him not cx

-Whats the worst thing hes ever said to you?
Not to me, but he told me something that reminded me of my ex which really upset me

-Can you imagine being with him forever?
Yes yes yes like I've said ^ we have planned it out cx

-Describe your ideal wedding with him:
Something nice traditional in a chapel nothing too fancy but nothing under classy

-Is he a lover or a fighter?
Both, he is a lover but don't underestimate that because he is a third degree black belt and can kick some major ass

-Physically, whats your favorite thing about him?
His long blonde hair and deep blue eyes c;

► Do you truly love him?
I truly most definitely do


Maddie--Chan's Profile Picture
United States
- Free Icon - Triforce by tsuemi

Hello and welcome to my page!
I am just a young artist and cosplayer!
(Mainly video game things)
I hope you enjoy my art and my page!
I take requests of any kind just please leave a link on my page or in a journal or picture!
I just thought I would share a bit about myself :
I am 16 years young :)
I love The Walking Dead and Supernatural
My favorite cartoons consist of:
South Park
American Dad
Family Guy
Bobs Burgers
My best friend is :icontay--chan: so if you watch me, you should watch her ;)
I do photography!
If you play minecraft and have a good server note me it and I will check it out!
Any Legend of Zelda fans are welcome!!
I play too many games to name but those are my top two!
I love Sleeping with Sirens, Pierce the Veil, Memphis May Fire, Bring Me the Horizon, Breathe Carolina, Paramore, Owl City, and Of Mice & Men

- Free Icon - Triforce by tsuemi

Supernatural Season 1 Stamp by Cammerel
Supernatural by madeofneon
Supernatural Season 3 Stamp by Cammerel
Supernatural Season 4 Stamp by Cammerel
Supernatural Season 5 Stamp by Cammerel
Supernatural Season 6 Stamp by Cammerel
Supernatural Season 7 Stamp by Cammerel
Supernatural Season 8 Stamp by Cammerel
Supernatural Season 9 Stamp by Cammerel


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