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Quick-'n-Dirty Digital Camo

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This tutorial for use with any reasonably current version of Adobe Photoshop, though it would be feasible to follow along with a comparable photomanipulation program.

1. Start with a 1000x1000px EDIT: 1024x1024px canvas. Make sure resizing is set to nearest neighbor, and the "Show Transform Controls" box is checked in the Move Tool (shortcut V) options. Also make sure that the Paint Bucket Tool (shortcut G) has the "Anti-alias", "Contiguous", and "All layers" boxes UNchecked, with "tolerance" set to 0.

2. "Filter>Render>Clouds" onto layer 1. Copy this layer.

3. "Use Filter>Distort>Glass" (Glass, 20, 10, Frosted, 175%) to break up the edges of the blotches. Copy this layer.

4. "Filter> Pixelate>Mosaic" at a cell size of about 12px. Copy this layer.

5. Press Ctrl+Shift+U to Desaturate. Then proceed to "Image>Adjustments> Posterize" to about 5-6 levels. Copy this layer.

6. Use the Paint Bucket tool (shortcut G) to fill with color each shade of gray. It is recommended to pick different shades and hues of greens and browns, with lights and darks of each, and saturated and desaturated hues of each. Avoid extremes of any color.

7. Now copy the layer and use the move tool (shortcut V) to drag the top handle downward to the 50% mark. Place the copy at the top of the canvas, and adjust it to fit the remaining space with no gaps. Select and merge these two half-layers. Enjoy!

This was the quick-'n-dirty version, and there many improvements to be had, but that's for another tutorial. For now, enjoy the product, and share amongst your comrades. If you use the tutorial, do tell about the experience, if you derive from it link back here, and if you use the product I'd be trilled to see it in action! :D

Thanks to those who pioneered the art, and continue to.

"Download" for full view.

EDIT: I uploaded my result here for reference.

:bulletred:EDIT 2: :iconimhappyplz: WOW, so if you start out your project with an image resolution of 1024 (or any other power of 2), the pattern actually tiles, lol! Oh, my, I feel silly.

Also, check out a similar tutorial here by the talented ~daisukekazama.
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can you do a video of this?
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Sorry, but I don't know how to do that. I'm great with images, not as much with video yet.
Also, next year will be the 10 year anniversary of this tutorial. My, how the years have flown. Sweating a little... 
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This inspired and helped me to make my own camo pattern: [link]
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Glad I could help, and glad you did so well on your own!
The camouflage pattern you linked to looks great, and I like that you made your own colorway, and also versions of notable ones from around the world. Awesome job!
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Thanks!!!!I will try to make something out of this!!!!Much much more easyer than other tutorials!
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Glad to hear you like it! :D
For colors, I recommend using the colors from a stock image of the environment you're trying to blend into.
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Mind if I treat this one too?
What's the PPI? 10?
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End result can be found here-->[link]
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Thanks for the fav., by the way!
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I don't mind at all! :)
It would be better if you used the full version of the finished product, though. I'll upload it here on DA, and give a link.

About the PPI... I'd say around 10 or so.
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