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HP Tarot - The Hermit

For the HP_Tarot project on LJ.

Another description yanked from LJ, because it's just easier for explaining the significance of Filch as the Hermit:

Filch is a perfect character to represent the Hermit. Quiet and almost lonesome solitude, watchng everything go by, everything as it happens through the years. Filch represents the negative associations of the card far more than the positive: suspiciousness or paranoia, fear, the iron curtain behind the eyes that won't let anyone in, loneliness and other such depressing and isolating things. So I drew him slouching in his office chair, petting his kitty, with a bottle of spirits sitting on his desk. Filch is a sad and lonely old rheumatic. :(
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Am I the only one who likes Mrs Norris?

madcarrot's avatar

I loved her, because she is a cat.

Lilas1739's avatar

Yes. I love cats. Also, Mrs Norris is an agressive, loyal cat. My dad and I have a strong love for those types of cat. Plus she's smart. Also, the fact that she was played by a domestic long-haired housecat reminds me even more of the adorable kitty we have at home.

Lilas1739's avatar
Unpopular opinion: Mrs Norris is adorable.
NessieCarrow's avatar
Wow I kinda feel bad for him....that's new.....
NessieCarrow's avatar
What's rheumatic I am kinda daft.....hehehe
mkatlike's avatar
Thought it was Snape... (a very HOT Snape^^)
eynni-bahri's avatar
Are there any more Major Arcana cards coming? Please say yes :D hahahaha!
madcarrot's avatar
Naw, both tarot cards I did were for different collaborative decks on LJ, years ago. Sorry. :(
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I would feel sorry for Filch if he wasn't so vicious and cruel. ; ) You actually made Mrs. Norris look cute, though. Kudos for that! LOL
FetishMadHatter's avatar
Yeah filch is a sad carachter... He often is used for comical purposes, but if you think about him... he's really a lonely and sad person :(
NekomataGrl's avatar
Poor Filch; I always did feel sorry for him. Your rendition of him is absolutely fantastic! He fits the Hermit card very well. *huggles Filch*
psychogizmo's avatar
This is really good.
Filch looks...creepy.
I really like Mrs. Norris, though. :-)
PickleWeasel's avatar
I -love- how you drew Filch here. He's actually tragically beautiful in a way here, which is appropriate for the hermit. I like Mrs. Norris to n.n This card makes me want to pet them both.

BimboCrittenden's avatar
I would have thought Filch or Marvolo Gaunt's son (forgot his name). You did this wonderfully! :D
SublimeTransgression's avatar
This is awesome. Filch is a good charcter for the Hermit card.
SublimeTransgression's avatar
This is awesome. Filch is a good charcter for the Hermit card.
SublimeTransgression's avatar
This is awesom. Filch is a good charcter for the Hermit card.
MorriChan's avatar
Filch, why you so sexy? D:
pinkwhig's avatar

Your filch is mad sexy.
Wicked awesome.

Evil-Urd's avatar
You know Filch always made feel sad everytime he appeared. Everything he is, is because of not having powers... it's just not fair.
Sykoticstalker27's avatar
Very nice work! Excellently colored! :clap:

:aww: I especially like Mrs. Norris.
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Poor git. I've always like Filch, as grouchy and suspicious of an old squib he is. It's hard to hate someone who gets along so well with animals, though, especially when they seem to be able to connect so well with them. He does his job well, too. You can't help but feel sorry for him.

Another awesome and creative job.
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