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Gellert Grindelwald

Another boring crotch-up picture, but until I'm no longer buried in study for my final exams, dynamic poses will have to wait.

Speaking of poses, this started off as a sketch to put Grindelwald to paper, but I liked his smirky little smile and shushy finger, so I coloured him.

For the greater good. Uh-huh. Suuure.
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....Grindledore o3o
AlwaysJacop's avatar
I think you may have just become my favorite artist on DA
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That is a very high honour. I don't think I can live up to it, but thank you. :)
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Perfectly evil smirk, but with the idea that this boy could easily put on an innocent face. The red on him is PERFECT. And the bloody words behind him again, fits so well.

And to top it off the boy is cute. Easy to see how Albus could be taken in and fall for him.
I-Q-NonNominandusEst's avatar
i love the way you wrote "for the greater good"
Stokxcore's avatar
He looks just like your Evan Rosier, but I still think it's masterfully done : ).
Go You
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Heh, actually my take on Evan Rosier was purposefully that of a friend of mine, who wrote about him back before the 6th and 7th books had been released. So while he looks so much like Grindelwald, Grindelwald only existed in JKR's notes at that time. Unfortunate coincidence.

Maybe Rosier fashioned himself after young Grindelwald. A sad fanboy. ;D
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I was going to say he looked like Evan Rosier :) I like the idea of him fashioning himself to look like Grindelwald though. Nice job!
At first I couldn't tell what was said at the back, then I realised. Riiight, so everything was for the greater good, then?? :D
lobvethefuhrer's avatar
Very awesome! He looks so delectably evil! <3
with this beautifully drawn grindelwald and your beatufully sketched young dumbledore, why dont you draw them together?
madcarrot's avatar
Because I have so many things I want to do that nothing ever gets done at all. D:
awww, i hope that one day you'll draw it. It would be interesting to see
AdriiiSnape's avatar
Holy crap. Very sinister. Scares the crap outta me. o-O I'd just die right there if I saw this guy. I mean seriously. He matched Dumbledore's power in evil for goodness sake! For the greater good. Sure.

Poor Dumbledore.

Great job on this. The background pulls this together nicely and makes it even more sinister than his eyes and creepy smirk already made it. :o
Zithreal's avatar
any relation to Rosier, or is Grindewald, rosiers fashion Guru.
ElisEiZ's avatar
He's one of my favorites characters of HP
VanillaNymph's avatar
He looks very scary. But very sexy. :lol:
havenscarlette's avatar
this is great! and a little bit sexy too lol. also i just wanted you to know that i love all of the death eater images! they are truly genius.
jazzistanders's avatar
Sends chills down my back everytime I look at it...
and believe me, I did it more than once. His expression is simply great and he's one of my favourites
withinsimony's avatar
That's perfect! That's about just how I see Grindelvald!...

Of course, my ability to visualize images in my head precisely is so poor and dodgy, I'll end up looking at this again later and decide that he doesn't look anything on how I imagine him, but for the time being he definitely looks like "my" Grindelvald.

Innocent blue eyes and blonde hair, but an incredibly malevolent and dangerous look on his face. Perfecto! :D
CallThePatentOffice's avatar
this is excellent,
hey, have you ever seen the movie, 'hot fuzz'??
"...the grea'er gooood" hahhaa
pikabay's avatar
WOW. I love your art, and this is fantastic.
I made him my desktop background. My mom practically screamed when she logged onto my account and he popped up. ^^
AFav's avatar
This kind of scares me. A lot. :XD: I love it, well done!
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