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Death Eater Card no.6

Augustus Rookwood.
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Augustus Rookwood of the Department of Mysteries. Bituva shame we never actually got to see what he looked like in the movies(I think?), so I think it's awesome you did this sneaky Death Eater justice.

Also sucks that HE was the guy that killed Fred... <w>;
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Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr KILLER! You killed to Fred.
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he looks like a mouse... no offense plz...
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Maybe there are two Rookwoods, maybe Algernon is his brother?
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Nah, she said in an interview at one point that she'd screwed up. Subsequent printings of the book he was named Algernon in were edited back to Augustus.
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Augustus Rookwood? o3o Of the Department of Mysteries? I hear he was passing information to You-Know-Who from INSIDE the Ministry itself!
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And later he killed a character that all us loved lot.
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What Carrot, play cards play? If I win - you die!
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Вы что, маленькие? Ага, верите в него? Хахахахаха. В эту ходячую смерть. Как прекрасненько!
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Joanne, but I'm really exist ... Imperius wait for dinner tomorrow :)))
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Думаешь, я поверю такому шизику, как ты?
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i always thought dark lords should have the creepy card magician among their minions - he is pretty cool
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I love the way you draw Rookwood ! ^^
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you are my new favourite person on the world.
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Oh, I pretty much love your Rookwood!) He is so mmm... handsome)) :love:
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I love your pictures, and wanted to know if I could take this for a FanFic, along with the phrase "Let's play a little game. Pick a card. Any card. If I guess it right - you die!".
The Fic is for a halloween contest in :D
madcarrot's avatar
If you credit me for it, sure.
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Just happened to tell you that I wrote the story with your image ... can be found at [link] That itself is in Spanish because I am Chilean ...
Anything you say so you can change it :D
That's the bastard that killed Fred Weasley!
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Well spotted. :D
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lol... I hadn't noticed the name change!
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...Algernon, really? I must've missed that bit.
He deserves a better name. I like Augustus.
And I love the Dark Mark Joker card, nice touch.
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Very creepy. His eyes...*shudders* Great job. Love the cards idea. ;D
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