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Death Eater Card no.29

By madcarrot
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He looks alot like Jack Splatter from Alice: Madness Returns, except minus the hat and sideburns. :P
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I like the braids. And the rabbit trap idea.Giggle 
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And I thought I was Harry Potter obsessive! It's really amazing that you're giving personalities and appearances and all that other stuff to Death Eaters I barely remembered the names of! Oh, and btw, love your art!
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dude! he is cool. i wonder who did his hair tho. the braids are awesome. and the coat is super cool.i've always wanted a coat like that!
MorningMelon's avatar
Are these obscure canon people?
madcarrot's avatar
Yes, all the cards are canon characters from the books. I've only made up some of their ridiculous looks. :)
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Hardcore, so very hard.
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If I were a Death Eater, I would be his stupid female version.
Firewhisky-Black's avatar
I really want his coat
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yup! I can see him with Fenrir just fine!
And his hair is hot. :)
...why is everyone you draw so hott?:iconimsrspervplz:
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Cool hair foozles.
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i hope him and greyback are best friends and have campouts in the woods and plaite eachothers hair that would be great.
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Looks Russian I think Ya :D
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he even looks like he belongs in the Welsh mountains. >.>
Raemo's avatar
this guy for the win. and his braids, them too.
xSlytherclaWxSweeney's avatar
One more left?
I'm going to miss seeing DE cards in my inbox...
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OH CRAP you mentioned Fenrir in the comments! That's unacceptable content for Deviantart. I'm going to have to report this piece.

report it to my favorites, I mean.


unfunny joke is unfunny.
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Very well done. Love all the little details : the buttons, the jewel in his ear, etc.

Amazing job!!!
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I don't remember when he's mentioned. Could you enlighten me? OwO
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