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Death Eater Card no.27

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Such a great Wilkes. He looks like a cowboy. A very handsome cowboy. Funny, as I made my Wilkes a girl, and an ugly one at that.

SirJCHyena231's avatar
Its like I always tell members of the Arcana, never trust a cowboy! XDD

Nice work, also. <w>
Looks a lot like Wilkes Boothw
grapeshotmemory's avatar
Oh please, please, give him a cowboy hat! He is gorgeous!
madcarrot's avatar
Ohgod these are way too old for me to want to tinker with them any further, but I appreciate the sentiment. He totally looks like he needs one. :)
Potterlover137's avatar
aww! dude he is hot! i love the neck tie, and the uncaring look he has.
Passin's avatar
Death Eaters as cowboys;D Me likey;D
Xarti's avatar
*scratches head*
You're right about the hat thing though.
KrAzYsUnShInE's avatar
He looks like Grover from Percy Jackson. :O
And I love ALL of your work. Its just so... mesmerizing. :)
smaginn's avatar
you should have totally put a toothpick there in his mouth!!!!!!!! :D:D:D
that would be awesome
JessicaRowe's avatar
I love these cards - and I love the death eaters... I like the way you draw big men too
Akikko's avatar
I roleplay a Wilkes on Gaia... and I wish he looked this sexy. DX <3333

Great job.
He looks like he should be in Dexie's Midnight Runners. LOVE your DE cards, gonna be biger than pokemon!
BlueCrystalBlue's avatar
This is deeply odd as I always imagined Wilkes being fat... : |
Turkmen's avatar
Not as sexy as Greyback but still hot :D
goddamn aurors why did you kill him .
Peter-the-Fisherman's avatar
whoa, I have hair just like him...YAYW000T \nwn/
peanutturtle's avatar
he looks like a model!

he's like
-looks over shoulder-
-poses sneerily-
-is very highfashion-

madcarrot's avatar
I'm a model, you know what I mean, and I do my little turn on the catwalk...
peanutturtle's avatar
i just died.
FultNamn's avatar
yay! more death eater cards! keep up the good work!
cathubodva13's avatar
Fabulous, as always!
muffinpoodle's avatar
5 more, eh? So there's gonna be 32.

Raemo's avatar
woaho. he's sexy. nice face - his eyebrows and sideburns are hawt.
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