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Death Eater Card no.26

"I mean, look at my coffee. This isn't just regular coffee. It's French, or something. You, you probably don't even know what France is."
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Lilas1739's avatar
I can just imagine him licking in the most sensual way possible a blood covered blade. 
Lilas1739's avatar
An evil musqueteer! Cool!

I just imagine the Death Eater insult party...And it is strange.
SirJCHyena231's avatar
This man ultimately died taking the "got your nose" joke up to eleven. XD Impressive work!
Nathair23's avatar
I love it, totally. You don't even know how much you inspired me with this pic. :D
addisonphill's avatar
He looks very sinister.
WesleyBlakeReese's avatar
JFC just... freaking him in general, I can't even specify something to make fun of in this person OTL
madcarrot's avatar
If you try to make fun of him it just bounces off his fabulous hair and he sticks his nose up, causing the enormous feather in his hat to whip around, and he gives you that Look. Down his nose. Plebeian.
WesleyBlakeReese's avatar
He is fabulous though. It's hilarious, but it's still fabulous and I am jealous of his hair.
Potterlover137's avatar
thank heavens they stopped wizards from interacting with muggles. he's absolutely hilarious. and yeah, it's surprising he managed to take a chunk of moody's nose.
the art work is cool tho
Passin's avatar
Love the costume
PersephoneEllenore's avatar
HAHHAHAHA; LOVEE HIM ( as you probably could see by my previous comments. :D )
SenxakaXV's avatar
Rosier is most likely dead because that's Lucius's pimp cane under his hand.
I love your effeminate, purtyboy death eaters.
and the idea of Rosier shagging Wilkes is now permanently etched into the smut part of my brain. Your Wilkes is hawt.
i wish i had hair like that. ._.
FloofIsPuffy's avatar
I love your drawing! I like how you drew the hair and fancy coat. <3
mooo-o's avatar
not someone you want to see beckoning at you from a back ally...
RaphiellaSnape's avatar
.... He's a pirate. He's like a cross between Captain Barbossa and Elizabeth Swan with a sex-change.
madcarrot's avatar
He certainly thinks a lot of himself, at any rate. XD
Veralily's avatar
OMG, he looks like a pirate. Love it!
smaginn's avatar
ahh. the pretty boys. :D you gotta love this over the top DE. and the coffee thing made me LULZ. :D
herecomestrouble44's avatar
lol...that link was lol worthy:glomp:
SapphireFoxfyre's avatar
Omg...He reminds me of Lestat on Interview with the vampire. O.o;
madcarrot's avatar
Mm, probably because Lestat himself is a direct reference to the classical Renaissance boy with fair skin, blue eyes and long, golden curls.
zerowitefire's avatar
his face and grin reminds me of one of my peoples. Pale blue eyes, a long pointy nose, a thin pale pointed face, and long golden ringlets.
AdriiiSnape's avatar
Oh goodness! Didn't think SUCH light blue eyes could be made to look so perfectly sinister. And his white gloves. Oh he's such a fruit. Lol. The coat is awesome too. Love it. ;D
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