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Death Eater Card no.20

Alecto Carrow.
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That what you get when you mixte arrogance, racism and incest all in one.
Looking how fat and badshit crazy she is, you can say she's a fan of Dolohov's cooking.
SirJCHyena231's avatar
Nice classy witch outfit! owo
Potterlover137's avatar
hah! total evil, slightly insane creepy witch that people tend to cross the street to avoid. she looks pretty classy tho.
LadyMothwing's avatar
Wow, good job! She turned out great.
KenziCrazy's avatar
OMG. I've been waiting for this one. you know, to see if she's really fat or not?
AyriannahOllivandra's avatar
I seriously shuddered when the image came up! she is so creepy!!! kinda exactly how I pictured her, just smiling. I always see her pissed off...
smaginn's avatar
Def. not how I imagined her, but still good.
I imagined dark brown, or black hair. not fat, and a permanent sneer/scowl on her face, not this evil grin. She seems too cliche as a witch on broomstick that us muggles see, that it isn't really death eater-ish. :)
madcarrot's avatar
Nope, she's meant to be short and pudgy. Amycus is technically meant to be as well, if I recall correctly. And since JKR writes witches and wizards looking cliche all the time, this is more correct than the victorian garb I usually draw.
smaginn's avatar
oh... well, I still like my own fantasy of her. :D
AvirPeri's avatar
she is a literal copy of my mother 0_0
Avada-kevdvra's avatar
I think Alecto has a Daughter named Pansy.

Do you have a Sister named Pansy?
Chauve-Souris's avatar
O, lol. Except for that brown eyes, she looks very much like me! ^_^" (I have grey eyes... or blue... or green... well, nobody can say excatly xD)

Great job.

Vemil's avatar
Oh no... Mum, how you've changed. 0__0 I'm scared.

I've played her son, Reymond on role-play game. He was so different. )

Thank you for art! *__*
sly76's avatar
I think she is pretty
andrea-koupal's avatar
Absolutely terrifying!
Sperium's avatar
God, she's fat! No wonder Amycus is a crazy bastard, look at what he bangs!
madcarrot's avatar
Uh, she's his sister. XD

Mind you, they are crazy hillbillies, so you never know.
Sperium's avatar
I know... :D. As far as I know, the death eaters are a big incest party.
kwsapphire's avatar
I think 18, 19 and 20 are my favorites from you so far, because they're the biggest departure from what is obviously your favorite body type. These images pull you out of your comfort zone, and I think you did very, very well because of it.
madcarrot's avatar
I do like my skinny lads and lasses. But drawing chunky characters can also be fun. It'd be more fun if I were better at drawing anatomy in general.

But yeah, Greyback is the same - a really solid and big boy. "Are you calling me fat?" Yes, Fennie, I am.
kwsapphire's avatar
I definitely like my men solid.. one of my best friends described my taste in men as "Tall, dark and villainous." I have Dr. Doom tattooed on my back, he's my absolute fave. That's why the guy I'm seeing became my Master, I was seeing him because I knew he had it in him, even if he'd never taken that role before, and now that he's taken it, he's loving it. He's not big like some of the guys I've dated, but he's pretty good in height, and he's solid. He's got the muscles. ^_^
GinnyLunaNeville211's avatar
I dont like her. Good job tho!
LyraElson's avatar
I like your version, she's pretty!evil not skanky!evil

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