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Barty - Book VS Movie

By madcarrot
I can't take movie!Barty seriously. At all. XD

He's a GECKO.
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HAHAHA this is so accurate! :D
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Yes but first of all and more important he is brunette and played by david tennant, besides the tongue flick is so sexaaay! ^^
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Consider: I drew him the way the books, which you might remember came *before* the movies, described him.
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Yes of course, i've read all the harry potter books, it was not meant as a insult or something, just saying ^^
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*jontron voice* YOU look like a SNAKE!!
eva-jereb's avatar
accurate to say at least haha
AntaresCr302's avatar
I can't stop laughing :XD:
I haven't laughed this hard for years! A very good point, and an awesomely funny and clever picture! :D
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lol, i love david tennant. but yes, with that tongue flicking all over the place like a snake, it was quite over the top!
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High five. I was through with him when he started to do that. Again and again.
I know I know, it happpend so that even the, eh, dummies and the not-really-into-HPs in the audience got the !SPOILER! Oh-Mad-Eye-was-actually-that-guy plot point.
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... I just proved my own personal dummie-ness by writing "happpend" instead of "happened". Figures.
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I wonder what else movie!Barty can do with his tongue xD
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ikr? The tongue filck-out every 5 seconds, imagine him doing that in a deatheater meeting.
Voldymort: OMG!!! Crouch stop that!!
Barty: *Tonguefilcik* THtop what???
Groovygravy77's avatar
Haha I love David Tennant but the tongue thing was extremely funny. Not that that's bad though.
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So true but I actually like them both about the same. :XD:
This made me laugh. ^_^
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a little difference ? :D (slurp .. i like my eye °3°)
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