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Jester Lavorre

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Jester fanart, from Critical Role! Any critters out here??…
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AshMcGivernProfessional Filmographer

In this house we love and respect Jester

LOVE the lighting, especially the smaller touches like the light through her ear and that red bounce light!!

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MesifinHobbyist Digital Artist

She looks so gosh darn CUTE!

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DaniloolinadHobbyist General Artist

Oh, Jester is the cutest

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I loved Critical Role, but I stopped watching after their business with Avantika on Darktow.

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You can spoil me, what happened there? I'm currently at the ep 34 of second campaign and it will be a while before I go back to watching.

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After they returned from infiltrating a Yuan-ti city, they revealed Avantika's plan to overthrow the Plank King. He was... not pleased. I love to talk about it, but the "courtroom" scene is too good. You just have to experience it yourself. I never stopped enjoying the characters or the story, but I just found it difficult to focus after Molly died.

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Well I heard that Nott is kaput and replaced as Mollymouk was so I'm most likely have a problem to focus after that thing happen.

Molly was fun but I didn't managed to get to him attached that's how fast he was gone...a shame because his backstory could be good. Shroom druid is not as interesting, at least so far I've seen(though he is a wholesome character).

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Caduceus is another Cleric, Grave domain specifically. And, Nott isn't gone, exactly. Her curse was finally lifted, thanks to Jester. Her true form was a halfling woman named Veth.

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"Any critters out here??"

Me! I got into it late, but I love it now! This looks awesome!

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