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March 13, 2016
H A T I by Madboni
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Dedicated to my friend Catalina Gonzáles :hug:

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Someone edited and cropped your illustration to did a photomanipulation, and is not even crediting you!…
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You are wonderful! <3  ( I am late here on DA! ) 
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Hi! My husband and I were quite impressed on your artwork. I'd like to ask a permission if we could use this for our couple shirt only? (I know it sounds lame and corny. HAHA) Thank you! :) 
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Oh that is sweet :heart: , yeah no problem, email me , I want to see those t-shirts later :) 
Hey, I was wondering if I could use this as a STRICTLY NON-PROFIT online-book cover? I use an app/site called Episode and I would make no money off of it, and I will give you credit and a link to this artwork, and a link to your profile. Thanks. -Hortensia 
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Hey, I think there is no problem, anyway email me : :)
Hi there, your art is amazing! Would it be okay to share it on Pinterest -- I'd love to add this one to my Werewolf and Vampire board. It's already been shared over there a lot, not sure if you were aware -- and I'd make sure to include a link back to your page here. Thanks. ~Gisele :)
Edited to add:
OHHH, I just saw the Pinterest button, so I guess that means it's okay to share! Wonderful! 
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Oh hey, no problem, it is fine :)
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It looks fantastic! But tell me, is the wolf attacking? To me it looks that way. What does this painting represent to you? I'd love to know.
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Yup! ,  you're right . This is an illustration based on Norse mythology, Hati was a wolf that every night wanted to devour the moon. (sorry for my bad english) 
Thanks! :)
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    Aww, that is gorgeous...    :heart:
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amazing work :clap:
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This is just so breathtakingly perfect! 
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Thanks you so much! :heart: 
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