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Ruiner +Version+

The Ruiner's a collector,
He's an infector,
Serving his shit to his flies.

Maybe there will come a day,
When those that you keep blind,
Will suddenly realise.

Maybe it's a part of me,
You took to a place I hoped,
It would never go.

And maybe that fucked me up,
Much more,
Than you'll ever know.

Trent Reznor

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I've been listening to Nine Inch Nails since i was about 8 or 9 (my sister got me into them); this is pretty awesome, Ruiner in particular is one of my favorite songs :)
GratitudeAdvocate's avatar
This is a rather impressive piece of art to accompany the overall feel of the music itself. ;3
Really helped to bring that song back home in the hastiest of manners. Now I've got an earworm! Thanks XD
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REENO166's avatar
NIN rules!! Nine Inch Nails has been my favorite band for so long!! glad to see other fans of the awesome band!
Madbird-Valiant's avatar
:) NIN does indeed rule
Madbird-Valiant's avatar
JugganautToTheDegree's avatar
-twitches on stage-
Heh :3
Morgan-666's avatar
This is it MBV :love:
Morgan-666's avatar
you're welcome! :)
Azph's avatar
Great song!
and a great piece of art!
Morgan-666's avatar
Oh my god! Do we almost have the same icon!? :iconimhappyplz:
Azph's avatar
lol, yeah we do!
Morgan-666's avatar
Pretty badass! *cheers*
Madbird-Valiant's avatar
Thanks! I really appreciate that. :)

And yeah, it is a fantastic song. Always nice to find other nailheads xD
Azph's avatar
one of my favourites :)
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