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By madbaumer37
this image came to me one day while i was taking a bath.
2009. 9x12 ballpoint pen and prismacolor markers on 11x14 bristol.
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fantastic work
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Oooo good style choice, the texture on the trees work nicely in guiding the viewer through the piece to the leaves up top. :nod:
gnitfird-neleh's avatar
I was wondering, how many vanishing points do you need with a picture like that? Been trying and failing to draw a maze.
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no vanishing points used. it's not important that it looks realistic, as long as the illusion of it's realism has been successfully implied. the imperfections of a work of art are the thumbprint of the artist's soul.
gnitfird-neleh's avatar
Thanks! I will strive for that.
violetice's avatar
love the depth and perspective. Awesome idea and great execution
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anitadunkl's avatar
I like how you draw your trees. They look great :-)
madbaumer37's avatar
thank you anita! i love your gallery!
anitadunkl's avatar
Thanks so much for this nice compliment, the fav and watch :heart:
LostIdentity1110's avatar
this is cool! great idea, and Lauazee made some good points.
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hey thanks, brother!
RedopLeOgnet's avatar
nooooooooo ¡mirá eso! que bello, es muy raro el mensaje que capto, es muy... único.

Perfecto el trabajo.
Laurazee's avatar
It's interesting because of two things: (1) the red. Nature is rarely red, and only (usually) in the fall before things die, and (2) the regularity. Nature is almost always random and curvy. Usually, when I paint I have to fight the urge to make patterns in the trees and branches and leaves.

This has your usual sense of foreboding, though. It makes me think... damn industrialism.
MandaCruickshank's avatar
I love everything about this.
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Arum1966's avatar
I really like the color scheme. The composition is great too, it keeps your eyes busy.
5chmee's avatar
totally kickass bro
yabbles's avatar
if i could stop staring i could probably come up with something more poignant than

but that will hafta do for now.
ima keep staring and see if i can come up with something else ^^;
madbaumer37's avatar
thank you!
all of the kindness and support and generosity i've been receiving
over the last 24 hours has had me pretty tongue-tied as well. :faint:
Like I said, "There are no straight lines in nature."
Were you bathing in the woods?
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