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:thumbsup: or :goodjob:

By madb0y
The original one is made by `bad-blood I just revamped it for `Synfull and for the Emoticon Legend.. I hope it's get in, because everyone needs a :goodjob: or :thumbsup: Emote :)

So I will suggest it to the Legend, but please, before it say me if it's good, or not :)

Some Info:
Frames: 19 with different time each frame (my first time with playing the frame times :) )
Time spent: 2 hour
Made with Gimp
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how do you make these!!!!!!!!!
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Hihi, I'm using =Nironan12's emote refresh script and I changed some of the emotes in it. :eyes:
Guess you know already where I'm going. d:
When I type :thumbsup:, this emote of yours comes up! :excited: :thumbsup:
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It's just what we all need :nod:
The animation is very good.
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Unfortunately its not in the legend :)

Thanks anyway!
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When I saw this in my inbox I thought Bad blood made a yolks emote again :confused:
Anyway looks nice
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I'd be very surprised if this doesn't get in. :B
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than you are now surprised :)
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Great work! The animation is very smooth ^^
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that amazing
i love it

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Hey nice, fortunatly he don't use middle finger :eyes:
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