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This one is inspirred by the famous [link] :)

I wanted to do it in emoticon form, as I have never seen it before :)

There must be some nice music inside it! :dance:

Some Info:
Time Spent: 33,2 minute
Frames: 4
Listened music when done: Groove Coverage :O
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Image size
23x20px 869 B
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And the cord is the outline of her dress
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If you pause it, it looks like Princess Leia from Star Wars
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Nice one :) that's me when I'm listening to dubstep
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thx more please
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Congratulations, you've been featured in this week's edition of Emotional Emoticons!
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Dope! Used as my mood!
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used in my gallery if thats ok [link]
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Thanks a lot :)
That means a lot for me :)
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This is hella-awesome! :+fav:
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This is the best-executed little animation I've seen in a while. :) Good job!
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Ohh thanks a lot :)
I worked hard on the little parts of the animation
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Just to let you know, this emote has been featured in this week's volume of So i herd u liek emotes? :D
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nicely done the animation reminded me of ~crula headphone emoticon
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