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Flames and Family I Redux: The Four Horsemen


Zip file includes:
Flames and Family Redux

In the following formats: HTML / PDF / EPUB

This Fanfic is based off of the series Hitman Reborn (c) Amano Akira. All rights to the original world and original Reborn characters go to her.
This Fanfic was written by me :iconmadashes2ashes:  Original side characters and locations are introduced (c) me.

This is an extensively edited copy of the story originally released on

Cover image by: Little Miss Marikit

Flames and Family (Part I: The Four Horsemen)
Rating: PG-13
This story picks up after the Varia Arc as if the Future arc and beyond didn't happen.

A story following Tsuna and his Family as he grows into his power and claims it as his own. An invisible enemy appears that is more of a threat than it seems.

Warnings: Kissing, some violence and bloodshed, death
26 Chapters


Some of the edits you guys can look forward to seeing:
Added new subtitle.
Deletion of all Author's Notes.
Page breaks preceding each new chapter.
Scene breaks replaced with triple stars (***).
Spell check.
Spell check.
Spell check.
Minor action edits, and the addition of action and setting info where needed.
Phrasing edits and extra commas to improve readability.
The guys no longer drop to their knees at the drop of the hat.
3/4ths of "the boy" references replaced with character names.
There's still a lot of looking and looks, but some of those have now become actual expressions.
Correction of lose/losing instead of loose/loosing (originally created by fanfiction site--original drafts don't have that error)
Lots of the word "that" are now missing.
War on exclamation points--not certain which side won.
Everyone has less of a hick accent - All the instances of "I've got" have become "I have".
All instances of "9th" and "10th" replaced with spell-out counterparts of "Ninth" and "Tenth".


I'm really hope you guys enjoy the update. And, before anyone asks, I DO intend to continue the Redux project through the other stories in the series.

Also, please let me know if you run into any errors I missed.


© 2014 - 2021 Madashes2ashes
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marikitstudios's avatar
OFF TO DOWNLOAD! <3 Love it!<333333 Thanks for using my art and looking forward to II
Madashes2ashes's avatar
Thank you for drawing art for it, even after I became so difficult to please.  ^_^
marikitstudios's avatar
Authors have ideas in their heads that I need to get as a cover artist. Its your story, you get to be difficult!