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Petition For Classic Hyena Trio Disney Film

(This is my absolute final hurrah on the subject. I'll stop now) 

The Link is here

I know from experience these petitions are nothing more than a breeding ground for like minded individuals to yell about whatever they wish to yell about. Yet if even a shred of hope is out there that we can get a film Shenzi, Banzai/Kamari, Ed/Azizi, and all the Lion Guard hyenas. I say it's worth fighting for.

We could finally know all about what went down when Zira was banished, is Shenzi Janja's son? How'd the other Outlanders live with Zira? Hey, also move Kovu, Nuka and Vitani. Plus maybe finally get an explanation about Scar and Zira's relationship

Hey, Maleficent, and Crella De Ville are getting films, assumng this trend of villainy flicks continues, lets make sure Shenzi and her friends don't fall though the cracks

Or maybe this will just prove to myself how unmarketable Shenzi and her boys are.

Meh, here I go, spread the word to any/all hyena lovers you know    
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YESS we need this.. :D this is a great idea

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I doubt the petition will do much now, pretty dated

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You really want this don't ya?

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I would love to sign but the link doesn't work for me somehow ;(
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Well, please send it to any other hyena lovers you may know of. Ty
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Of course! And I managed to sign the petition now ^^
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Much appreciated. Hopefully this or another Lion Guard season will happen. Both could accomplish the goal
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Yeah, I hope so too! It would be a real waste of Disney if they would let one of their most beloved franchises die just like that. I'm also hoping that we get some more new TLK stuff on Disney+. It would be perfect for it. I already came up with a cool concept for a hyena show featuring our favorite trio. If Disney would make a show like this on Disney+ my life would be complete xD
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Write them a letter perhaps. Easy to look up Disney Studios address.
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Sure, I can try that! Do you want to hear the concept too? ^^
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I couldn't agree more. We already know the heroes' side of the story, now we wanna hear the villain's side so we understand where they are coming from and why they did what they did, without actually condoning their actions.
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Please spread the word, ty 
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Your Link still did not work for me. So I went to directly. It won't let me sign the petition. I'll try again another time.

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I guess just spread it around to any other hyena lovers you know of, ty 
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Odd thing is that even though said I was not able to sign it. I got an E-Mail confirming that I did sign it?

... isn't it a little bit more obvious to make a story about Scar, like how the brother of a king can become so evil, how he meet zira and how she were banished (probably a better point of view than the hyena) especially since the hyena doesn't have a purpoise except : "i want to eat"

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Shenzi had the worry of Zira perhaps knowing Zira would one day know the truth about who killed Scar. Like that wouldn't be more suspenseful?

Zira being Scar beloved could be thrown in to tough I suppose. If Disney could make sense of it. Though with "Strange Lion" perhaps...

sure, it could be a nice plot for an episode of lion guard, with the "lion over all" politic of Zira (i love this character too) and explain some attack from lion to hyena, maybe two parts episodes, but a movie is maybe a little bit too much ':)

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Straight to DVD, a lion Guard special, I feel we could all compromise 
SimbasGuard's avatar seems to be down right mow I'll try again later.

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I agree that this lovable classic hyena trio deserves heir own movie! And the jackals should get their backstory told, too, like we can see what Reirei and family were doing during the iconic events of the first LK movie.
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