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Nashiko (Complete)

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Originally born in England, Nashiko was raised by her explorer father. Her name was not originally Nashiko, her birth calling was Elizabeth Haxton. Elizabeth's father would bring her story books from his travels which she would completely immerse herself in, but it was the tales from Japan she loved the most and longed to go there. At the age of 6 her father agreed to take her on one of his journeys to the the land of the rising sun.

Sadly, after only a few days there, her father & his crew were attacked by rogue samurai. Only she managed to escape. She was later found by the head of the geisha organisation, weeping under a sakura tree.

There she was raised by them and taught how to fight. In exchange she must help the geisha organisation hunt down oni and evil spirits. She was then given the name Nashiko and bestowed with the power of the Sakura Blade. Her true motivation is to hunt down and kill her father's murderers.

As well as using the power of the Sakura Blade, Nashiko carries with her the book of Japanese myths and legends which was a gift from her father. From this book she is able to summon anyone or anything who is written. Since the book is already complete, she is unable to write a tale of her father, despite her most agonising inclinations.

Thanks to Diellza for the wonderful textured background:
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Wow, what a cool outfit design! I love the white-black-gold color scheme. It's so classy.
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Thank you. I do plan on tidying up this pic once ive finished current project
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Lovely design and detail on her. I especially like her... erm... chest and corsette (because of the design, I swear!). The arm holding the book seems a bit off anatomy wise. :thumbsup:
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Sorry the late replies but better late then never

Thank you glad you liked her....."design"
Yeah that arm is terrible and annoys me every time I see it, I only seem to notice things when its finished!
I'm still surprised you're the only person that's pointed it out ;)
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Well I like to try and help people as much as I can and that means pointing out the flaws. I love it when people do that to my work as well, constructive criticism helps us grow as artists! It's sad that, I think, many people are afraid to offer this because, I've noticed on this site, so many people become violently angry at the slightest suggestion their work might have a flaw. I'm glad you are not such a person :D

Anyway, I great tip I've learned from the pros is, throughout your work, horizontally flip the image. This new perspective "resets" the image, so to speak, in your mind, and you'll be able to spot flaws that otherwise may have eluded you before. I've gone over dozens of the artists who's work makes me drool, and they ALL do this. :]
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Ooh, pretty! The character really coincides with the backstory. :)
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thank you so much, im glad you liked her
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You're welcome.
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this is beautiful. i want that kimono. :heart:
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thank you so much, normily im not very god with fabric designs but im really proud with how this one turnd out
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This design is super good :love: I love all the details
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I just love that outfit! The design is way cool :D her hair is very pretty. Lovely work! Keep it up
MadAndPerplexed's avatar
thanks so much for saying so
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She looks very very interesting!

I like her clothing and hair!
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You did a very awesome outfitt for her!
An that all in Traditional art. <3
MadAndPerplexed's avatar
thankyou, ive never been taught how to use paint programms etc, but i would love to learn, although for me nothing wil ever compare to a pencil and paint brush
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You are welcome! :D

I would like to learn how to do Traditional art like this.
I also draw on the paper as first but than i colouring it on Photoshop.

But maybe if you get a paint programm and draw with this often than you will learn it how to use it.
I still need to learn how to do digital art like the professionals, but i use the programm everyday to find out more and more.
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yeah all it takes is practice
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Yeah, that´s true! :D
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Love the dress! Excellent design! You should submit a blueprint to a fashion designer! :XD:

The overall pose is great. Like she's standing for a portrait. I also like the effect of the Sakura Blade(?). The dissolving into petals is really cool. Her hair is neat too!

I like your background story. It's really simple(ish), that I can get into it without having to read like 30 chapters. :D

Good job!
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thankyou so much im rather proud of her :)

i dont like to ramble too much as im not that great at writing anyways, i think all you need is the basics
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No problem!

And yeah, you got the basics down, while still making it interesting. :D
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i LOVE her dress, that's some serious detail going on in the pattern, lovely work... i wish i looked that good in a kimono!
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