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Pirate's Life for Fishboy by MadamMarauder Pirate's Life for Fishboy :iconmadammarauder:MadamMarauder 1 1
Mater Dolorosa
It was a pleasant night. The moons were high in the dark sky, casting pink and green light down on the bustling trolls below. The group of four arrived at a small city inland, preaching to those who wished to listen. Signless and Disciple were tucked into an alcove off the side of a street, telling their stories to the young trolls sitting before them. Psionic was resting not far off, watching as the Dolorosa helped up a fallen child. She tied the little one's shoe and cleaned the dirt from his clothing, sending him off with a kind smile. As she returned to her seat next to him, a thought formed.
"Dolorosa, can I ask you something?" Psionic questioned, a wondering look on his face.
"Of course."
"How did you gain your title? Dolorosa means "grieving", doesn't it?" He asked, looking at her. He continued when she nodded. "But then... who, or what, are you grieving? I don't mean to pry," He added quickly, "I mean, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to, I was just curious—"
:iconmadammarauder:MadamMarauder 19 3
Homestuck Eyes: Roxy by MadamMarauder Homestuck Eyes: Roxy :iconmadammarauder:MadamMarauder 121 8
He had a brother, she had a son. They had a sister. But they didn't have each other.
She was an amazing woman, and she didn't even know it. She was modest; she just did what she thought was right. But that's what separated her from the others. She was compassionate and thoughtful.
He was so strong, stronger than she ever thought she could be, yet he thought of himself as nothing but dirt. He defied those who have wronged him and others, stood up for what he believed in. He was fierce and clever.
She didn't see how much she meant to him.
And he in didn't see how much he meant to her.
It hurt to be around each other. They had such strong feelings, but no way to express them. They didn't know how the other felt. And in the midst of aiding a revolutionary leader, one could not simply confess such a thing, if it risked complications. But they also made each other happy, brought a smile to their lips. It was painful pleasure; bittersweet.
Then they were captured. They were tortured. The revo
:iconmadammarauder:MadamMarauder 10 8
Hero of Rage by MadamMarauder Hero of Rage :iconmadammarauder:MadamMarauder 53 24 Homestuck Eyes: Dirk by MadamMarauder Homestuck Eyes: Dirk :iconmadammarauder:MadamMarauder 61 10 Homestuck Eyes: Gamzee by MadamMarauder Homestuck Eyes: Gamzee :iconmadammarauder:MadamMarauder 62 19 Ancestor Eyes: Dolorosa by MadamMarauder Ancestor Eyes: Dolorosa :iconmadammarauder:MadamMarauder 194 21 Ancestor Eyes: Disciple by MadamMarauder Ancestor Eyes: Disciple :iconmadammarauder:MadamMarauder 285 38 Homestuck Eyes: Rose by MadamMarauder Homestuck Eyes: Rose :iconmadammarauder:MadamMarauder 77 20 Hero of Doom by MadamMarauder Hero of Doom :iconmadammarauder:MadamMarauder 74 7 Love You With My Hands Tied by MadamMarauder Love You With My Hands Tied :iconmadammarauder:MadamMarauder 7 3 Ancestor Eyes: Dualscar by MadamMarauder Ancestor Eyes: Dualscar :iconmadammarauder:MadamMarauder 179 25 Ancestor Eyes: Darkleer by MadamMarauder Ancestor Eyes: Darkleer :iconmadammarauder:MadamMarauder 82 10
MSF - Burning in Your Name
So this was what utter despair felt like.
It was as if he was drowning, his sorrow surrounding him, filling him with every shaky breath. The weight of Gamzee's broken blood bladder was sinking him deeper into madness; and this time, there was no one to reach in and pull him out. As he flung pie tins and horns every which way, crushing beeping machinery under his fists, Gamzee knew he was going insane. He felt as though he hadn't had sopor in sweeps. Smashing glass tubes with his clubs, his think pan was blurred with uncontrollable rage, just as his vision was blurred with tears. Yes, Gamzee knew all too well he was descending into insanity. With some help, he might have been able to pull through again. But the only person who ever helped him was gone, leaving no one to lean on, no one to pity, and no one to stop him from losing his mind.
Gamzee sank to the floor amongst shards of metal and glass, curling into a loose ball. His mind was racing so fast, it felt like his head was going to
:iconmadammarauder:MadamMarauder 40 25
MSF - Sally's Song
He always looked at him.
Tavros was a little surprised no one noticed it thus far. If they had, it hadn't been brought up. But no, of course nobody paid attention to Tavros staring at Gamzee. They never saw Tavros's eyes shining with sadness and longing. They never paid him any heed when he flushed brown at Gamzee's touch; least of all, Gamzee himself.
Tavros supposed it was his own fault. He and Gamzee had been bros for nearly a sweep by the time they started Sgrub. He had countless chances to tell Gamzee he was waxing red for him. All the time they spent together on Trollian, the occasional visits to each other's hives, their whole game session, and now what seemed like infinity hiding in the Veil. But nope; not one peep from Tavros about his flushed feelings. And now he was too scared to admit anything to Gamzee. Not only because of his fear of rejection, but that their bond would fall apart, and it would be too awkward to just be friends.
He thought of what they had together; talki
:iconmadammarauder:MadamMarauder 29 22


Mini Painting Tutorial by juliedillon Mini Painting Tutorial :iconjuliedillon:juliedillon 13,081 602 Orange lip art by Chuchy5 Orange lip art :iconchuchy5:Chuchy5 3,670 463 Savethewhales by Dawna-May Savethewhales :icondawna-may:Dawna-May 3 1 Queen of Hearts by KatieAlves Queen of Hearts :iconkatiealves:KatieAlves 4,956 216 Cheshire Cat by KatieAlves Cheshire Cat :iconkatiealves:KatieAlves 2,131 92 STRIFE!!! by Dawna-May STRIFE!!! :icondawna-may:Dawna-May 25 1 In the Land of Pulse and Haze by Dawna-May In the Land of Pulse and Haze :icondawna-may:Dawna-May 46 3 Happy Birthday Muffin 2012 by Dawna-May Happy Birthday Muffin 2012 :icondawna-may:Dawna-May 2 5 And So the Cycle Continues by Dawna-May And So the Cycle Continues :icondawna-may:Dawna-May 15 2 Just for the Halibut by Dawna-May Just for the Halibut :icondawna-may:Dawna-May 10 3 Beetlejuice,Beetlejuice,Beetlejuice!!!!! by Chuchy5 Beetlejuice,Beetlejuice,Beetlejuice!!!!! :iconchuchy5:Chuchy5 4,200 214 Cheshire make-up by Archaical Cheshire make-up :iconarchaical:Archaical 6,900 671 Quick hand-legs-foot tutorial by Hellobaby Quick hand-legs-foot tutorial :iconhellobaby:Hellobaby 12,780 1,187 Steampunk Dragon by PixieCold Steampunk Dragon :iconpixiecold:PixieCold 7,366 264 Hogwarts Houses by Unique-Desire Hogwarts Houses :iconunique-desire:Unique-Desire 2,218 246



2013 DANG
man uh i don't really use my dA much anymore sorry guys
if you're gonna find me anywhere it would be tumblr
i'm very active with it and i post way more shit on there anyway, like cosplay photos and the occasional drawing as well and makeup and writing
i made a new makeup design that i've been meaning to upload i'll get on that
so yeah guys happy new year hope it's rockin!!
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I generally go by Muffin on the web. Drawing and writing are hobbies of mine, although I only recently started drawing seriously, and I have a lot of room for improvement. Please, if you have constructive criticism for my drawing, writing, or anything I upload here, I'd love to hear it. It helps me become a better artist. :)
I do mostly fan stuff, though I also have plans for original stories and pictures. I also enjoy nature photography.
If you're interested in what kind of things I do fan stuff for, it's mostly Homestuck and Bleach. Though Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Mortal Instruments, and other series will probably pop up from time to time.
Here have a tumblr:


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