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iRay Skin Settings

**iRay Skin Settings Version 2**

So here my iray skin settings by request, cant wait to see what you guys can do with them :)

Blood vessel maps:…

Normal Map Creator:…

**Something I forgot to mention: as you've noticed I don't use the top coat layer, leaving it free for after effects - for example should you want your character to look wet you can add a top layer to simulate a water layer on the skin. This works particularly well on the lips allowing you to add a glossy lipstick layer essentially 
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Pitty, the blood vessel link gets no result. :(
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Ah, thank you.
Those linked under this proposal I already know.

Only the link in your description could be updated. ;)
Wow! I love it! :D
quick question. the site for the veins texture  is down. do you know where else to get it or something like it?
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Hi, they have moved to another site - check V2 of these settings iRay Skin Settings Version 2

I'll update the link ;)
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I took the files and placed them in a layer in photoshop, left the base layer blank to place the skin texture in and did a top layer for the "red"color added over the hands,feet,& ears. I find that you might need to reduce the opacity on the leg veins to around 89% to prevent a difference in the shade of torso to legs. Thanks for the help it has made a huge difference in my Iray renders!
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You are more than welcome :D
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Interesting! Gonna try your method for translucency maps and normals. Hopefully I can get some good normals from these bump maps that I have.
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I'm just starting to use Daz 4.8 and this new Iray can be pretty confusing. Thank you for posting your settings with explanations. Much appreciated!! :)
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No problem, remember it's just a starting point - the best way to learn is to experiment :D 
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True true  :)  But it is nice to have a starting point to work off of.

Again, thank you for posting this. :)
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You're welcome
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Thanks for sharing. I'm still a bit new and I think this will help remove that 'plastic' look from my renders.

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You're welcome - and remember these are just a guide, fiddle with these until you get a look you like
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super super useful! thank you!
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It's always useful to get more skin settings. Thanks for sharing it.
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NVidia has a free normals plug-in and it works great!…
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Thanks for the tip!
thank you very much
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