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Hello everyone :) 

It sure has been a while since I have updated my journal.
I have come on here to waffle on really and get some things off my mind. First things first I think you have all seen that I am using DeviantArt a lot more than I used to! I feel like its a nice escape to come on here and be surrounded by other fellow creatives like yourselves! I have also got back into drawing properly again which I loved doing growing up as well as writing. 
I went through a major creative block after I left College about six years ago which to this day I never understood why, I then gradually over the last two years eased my creative side back which has worked and I am loving all my craft projects that I work on whether its at home or at craft group and I am always on the lookout for something new to try, which brings us back to drawing. I could never draw people realistically very well and I always preferred cartoon style to realism.
I felt like getting back to my roots again as a way of helping me heal and escape reality for a while because just recently a friend passed away :( (Sad)  and I needed a way to help me cope with dealing with grief all over again which is not a nice thing to go through and this is my fifth time that I have had to go through its dark process. I always went to a dark place after losing someone and I felt this time I wanted to help myself by not going to that dark place and replace it with something positive and something that will help me get through it.
Learning to draw Manga has really helped and plus its a new thing I can enjoy.

Thats it for my rambling I hope you all had a good day!

Gabby. :)
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It sure has been a while since I have written a journal entry, but here I am!
I have come here to write whats on my mind and this is it.... 

I have so many ideas for at least two new stories that I really want to develop into books in the near future, its getting a little overwhelming as I love both ideas but they are very different. One is a romance and the other is about a character growing up!

I have recently watched the new Anne with an E series on Netflix and that has helped inspire me in some way! maybe I could have my own "Anne" but obviously make the character different and the story different as nothing can compete with these classic stories which were so beautifully written. That is where the second idea came from! (thank you Anne!) 

I really want to start brainstorming but I do not know where to start. Its funny that I can come up with all these ideas but when it comes to writing them down I get overwhelmed and do not know how to put my words right pen to paper....
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Hi all! 

I have realised it has been a while since I have been active on here and I'm sorry for that :( (like anyone really has noticed lol) I have had a pretty crazy month or so so I haven't done got round to doing much drawing or writing to show you on here.
I am currently in the middle of making something special though which I can't show off yet :) and I have done a few more cards recently that I still need to post up on here. I know in my last entry I said I would do all these ideas but its been so crazy lately!

I would like to post my book on here at some point once I have finished editing it and reading through it as I am really proud of it. :) its 20 chapters!!

I will be posting things up once I get round to it.
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Hi all!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish any one who reads this a happy 2018! :) I can't believe we are in a new year already, 2017 just flew by!! 
For me personally I hope that this new year which is only hours old at present will be a more positive and happy year. I have had a tough couple of years which have been really testing and challenging where I had to be a stronger person but I have hope for this year that this will be my big break! I am finally getting help with everything that happened to me a couple of years ago and move on from it which will help me feel better (I hope!) this is a massive deal for me and I feel like an entire weight has been lifted off my tiny shoulders at long last.
I also had time to reflect early this morning about forgiveness and looking at what I have, I lost a close friend at the end of last year as I realized she wasn't all she seamed in the end, I sent her a nice message saying I hope shes doing okay and that this year will be a good year for her. I got a reply back saying thanks and you as well. I sent her that message as I feel that life is too short to hold a grudge as one of my closest friends passed away five years ago this year and I would give anything to see her again and have her here, you don't know how much we miss something until we lose it, this made me realise I need to make peace with this other girl, our friendship may not be the same again sadly but I made my peace with her and that's a great relief. 

I am going into this year with an open mind and focus on the now and the people in my life that do love me and (goodness knows why!) stuck by me no matter what. 

Happy 2018! Heart 
Hi all, me again! 

I have sent my book off (I really need to stop calling it that and call it by its title instead!) to my dads friend who is an author in Texas USA just to have a look at it as I really want an opinion from a professional writer before I send it off to a publisher. I have found a website already that offers me to self publish, have an editor, have the full rights to my book, have full creative control and to have my book published at a reasonable price:
But I will look at other websites too so I have an option, I am going to wait a little bit so I do not get too ahead of myself. 

Wish me luck! 
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Hi all!

So I am back with another journal entry! I want to use this entry as a creative plan for me to look back on, as you all will have probably seen from my last entry that I have FINALLY finished 'That's The Way It Is' and I am now sort of freed up to do other creative things! I am going to write all this down in list form (I love making lists! :D ) so here goes:

1. I plan to do some short stories to put up on here for anyone to read, as you can tell I have already started doing that with 'Cindergabs'

2. Expect more handmade cards!! I am really getting into this little hobby and they seam really popular on here whenever I upload them.

3. More drawings! I haven't actually put many drawings up on here yet and I have some that I have done that I never put up.

4. Short comic strips? I used to love doing these back when I was at school, I used to put my friends in them. Sadly the ones I did no longer exist! :( I think the one that survived was one my friend from college did where we were all superheros!

I think that's it for now! I will probably add more if I think of anything else.
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I am very pleased to announce...drum roll please!!!!! I have finally finished the book I have been writing! :) I got in this afternoon and finished the final chapter which I have been stuck on for many months. I feel very emotional that its over and finished now but boy I have had quite a journey with this story. So much writers block! but I made it. Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this journey particularly to my family and my friends who offered support and particularly to these people Alistu , Toni , Chantelle and Becky as these four have listened to how much I have whined over this story countless times over the last year lol and Melanie for saying she will look at it for me to see if its ok! :) thank you everyone! <3 I can now relax and see what Ideas I come up with next for a new story.I think I've fainted. Love 
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I haven't submitted a journal entry in a while so I thought I would catch you all up (if anyone cares) with the book! Yes I am still on the final chapter!! I have started writing it but my stupid memory stick didn't save the draft! Facepalm  also I am very stuck with what to write, I don't want to rush it and I don't want it to be slow, I just want a good pace to finish it off. This journey has been a roller coaster though and I look back and think how far I have come! :) (Smile) I didn't think I was going to keep this book up or even finish it. I am going to miss these characters very much though I think I might revisit them one day, I look at their chapters and think I created these people in my imagination!! its amazing what the human mind can do. 
Aside from "That's The Way It Is!" I have been thinking up some short stories for when I finish this book. Its all very exciting!! its just getting it all down on paper which is the hard bit as I don't know where to start. OMG MOAR POEMS! 

I also just want to say thanks to my best friend and work colleague Alistu  for being a big support through my journey with my book and being pretty much the only person that asks how its going when you do, you have put up with my grumbles about it and cheered with me when I hit a milestone! :) (Smile) its so nice to have another creative mind who gets it.  Hug (Too cheesy? Wink/Razz)
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This week I am going to try and finish this book, I am one chapter away and I am going to finally reach my goal! in all honestly I never thought I was going to get this book finished with the amount of blocks I have had with it :( but it has been quite a journey I can tell you. I have let you all see a little snippet from what I have been working on this afternoon and its probably my most favourite scene to write so far. :D I hope you will all love Nathan and Grace just as much as I do and enjoy their story just as I have enjoyed writing it. Heart 
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Hello to anyone that reads this! Hi! 
For everyone that has been keeping up with my journey with writing That's The Way It Is I can officially say *drum roll* I am three chapters away from finishing!!! Headbang! AirborneI was sat yesterday in the Records Office where I went, took my laptop and sat in their computer room at a desk in a bay window looking out towards the beautiful rolling hills and the town that I live in below and wrote! as I was writing I was thinking "hey I could finish this at any point if I feel it has all come together nicely" I thought about that and felt a bit sad as when you have written a story for so long it feels like its your child and you are letting it go into the big wide world on its own Lonely OMG MOAR POEMS!   I feel as though my characters are right where they should be at this point and if I carried on any longer I would feel as though I was dragging it so I thought chapter 20 would be a nice chapter to end on. I started with my female lead who opened the story in chapter one so its only right that my male lead closes the story at chapter 20 and who knows if its good enough a sequel might be on the cards...omfg OMG MOAR POEMS! 

I will put my final update up soon once I have time to sit and finish it...I still need to decide where I am taking my characters in chapter 18 and 19 yet!Added to my devWatch! OMG MOAR POEMS! Dance! 
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Me again! I just thought I would share my thoughts and ideas for this page OMG MOAR POEMS! I have been inactive for a while from putting up drawings I have done as well as my card making but do not worry all of that will be back soon. I have been so busy writing my book and doing my day job that I just haven't had time to really sit and create. Waaaah! 
But I have been sitting on an idea for a while and I really want to create it! I have thought about doing a little comic strip of me and my friends at work and our little misadventures along the way, I thought that would be fun to do and I did used to create little comic strips when I was still in Junior School with me and my friends in and it would be all fantasy based, sadly those comic strips are lost to me now which is sad Waaaah! I think they got ruined! :( 

There will be another update for my book "Thats The Way It Is!" soon so keep your eyes peeled!! Shocked 

On a really random note though I went to my friend from works leaving drinks yesterday as she is moving away! Waaaah! we had a really great time and I got to catch up with everyone too which is great! :) (Smile) Hug    

Over and out!! Added to my devWatch! Sleepy 
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Well let's just say I am literally on a role with the book I am currently writing at the moment :) I have reached a climax and I am halfway through. I am not quite sure how many chapters I intend to have but I just know that chapter 17 is nicely in the middle somewhere if that makes any sense at all! I am really happy with it so far! :)
On another note I have had a pretty rubbish day at work today T_T I wish people had more manners towards retail workers or to anyone really! So folk if you happen to go in a shop smile at the cashier and be nice as it could make their day so much more better and easier! But on the plus side though I got to work with one of my favourite people and he always knows how to make me smile. Yeay! :)
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Okay so I am back to working on the book I am currently writing! I have reached nearly halfway and my characters have developed nicely. I think this is going to be a real tear jerker as its all about love, friendship and that moment when you find your soul mate with all the feelings that go with it...humm.. just you wait and see! :P I really hope you all love my characters as much as I do as they are all a joy to write. Do you want to see another snippet? of course you do!! :)
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I have finally felt confident enough to show you all a sneak peek of my book that I have been working on for about a year now. I hope you all like this little snippet I have allowed you to see! :) I am really scared its not going to be a great book but I am loving it when I get time to actually sit and write more of it (even when I moan about it lol!) I have realised how difficult it is to write from two characters perspectives, its so hard! but my characters Nathan and Grace are an absolute delight to write about and I especially love writing from Nate's point of view as I feel hes the most interesting out of the two if that makes any sense. 
Anyway enough rambling from me and enjoy this little snippet! :D
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I did it! I actually drew something that kind of looked good!! :D (Big Grin)  I am really pleased with the way it had turned out. Even though I was not blessed by the Goddess of perspectiveGiggle  I still think I didn't do a bad job on it at all. :happybounce:  it is my drawing on Little Moreton Hall if you haven't seen it!
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