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..When Greek Mythology Meets the Tudors.. by Madame-Mozart ..When Greek Mythology Meets the Tudors.. by Madame-Mozart
Imagine an alternate universe where my Greek mythology OC, Kyra, and her immediate family live in the time of Henry VIII instead of Mount Olympus in Ancient Greece.

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From left to right: Orpheus, Aristaeus, Apollo, Kyra, Asclepius, and Troilus.
Bullet; Yellow  Apollo - obviously the Greek god here; I imagine that this translates to a king/monarchy in the Tudor times since both have a great deal of power.
Bullet; Yellow  Asclepius - I imagine him to be the oldest son of Apollo, since he's the patron god of medicine and typically I imagine those in the medical profession to be older and possessing more knowledge and experience than most individuals (since they know how to diagnose ailments and administer treatments, y'know); that being said, he's the most mature of his siblings and is quite reliable when it comes to treating his friends and family in times of sickness and injury. His mother is one of Apollo's consorts, Coronis.
Bullet; Yellow  Troilus - I imagine him to be the second eldest child/son of Apollo. He's not considered a god (though he believes himself worthy of godlike status) but is associated with the Trojan War and with the traits of chivalry and heroism. I picture him as a clean-cut, athletic, and strong person who is extremely good-looking, but is a bit dim-witted and a little arrogant. His mother is one of Apollo's consorts and queen, Hecuba.
Bullet; Yellow  Aristaeus - I imagine him to be the third eldest child/son of Apollo. He's a minor god associated with the discovery of many useful arts, including bee-keeping (hence the yellow and black clothing). I picture him as a multi-tasker and responsible person who, at times, teaches people what he knows about his many skills. His mother is one of Apollo's consorts, Cyrene.
Bullet; Yellow  Orpheus - I imagine him to be the youngest known son of Apollo. He's not a god either, but he's a poet, prophet, and musician. I picture him to be an introvert who prefers to write and play music in solitude, though sometimes he serves as an oracle/fortune teller of sorts, offering people his prophecies. His mother is the muse Calliope, who is not one of Apollo's consorts.
Bullet; Yellow  Last but not least, Kyra - my OC. The youngest child and only known daughter of Apollo who, even though she is a goddess-in-training, she isn't sure what she is the patron of yet. However, she dabbles in almost everything from the arts to the sciences, hoping to find her special talent/ability. On top of all this, she doesn't even know who her real mother is, as by the time she is born, her father has already taken so many consorts that she's lost track of who they even are (go check on how many lovers that guy has on wikipedia, seriously).

These kids are the only one recognized as children of Apollo and who actually live with him; I realize that Apollo has numerous other lovers and children but I seriously don't have the time to research each and every one of them in depth and picture how they'll fit into this conceptualized family I've created. and Apollo actually gave one of his kids away to be adopted by someone else, i'm looking at you ion

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Made with this doll maker ---> [link]
Edited with Pixlr
Kyra (OC) belongs to me (:iconmadame-mozart:), everyone else is canon to Greek mythology; how I imagine them, however, is completely original.
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November 19, 2016
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