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Harvest Moon Challenge Event

The challenge pic for :iconmoontouched: ...

"The Blood Moon... traditionally associated with hunting, killing, and feasting, the lore of the moon is well known to all werewolves, and the Sanguine Moon outshines them all. While werewolves are not festive or celebratory creatures by nature, it is on this one night a year that they often participate in ancient traditions - and in some cases, combine them with modern sensibilities in a deadly tangle..."

I figured an obvious choice for this festival would be a hunt. And a moose would be an obvious choice, but I believe in this pic the moose manages to shake off these hunters. Mooses = big. grumpy. fast. I think to keep themselves intact they'd let him get away too LOL.

Those participating in the hunt...

Bottom, right male = :iconxilveros: Nathan
Bottom, left female = :iconharpymarx: Riley
Middle, left female = :iconfrizz-of-fury: Aubrey
Middle, riding-the-moose female = :iconelementalspirits: Isabella
Top, pouncing female = :iconcookieasylum: Micki
Top, dodging-a-hoof-to-the-face female = Jayne

I'm not sure I'm happy with this piece...the background gave me a hard time...and Micki's face isn't exactly how I want it. =/ But I hadda get this outta my system. Since my Grandpa's death it's the only thing I can bring myself to work on...

Yay done.
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This looks really great! You've clearly put a lot of effort into this pice and I love the amount of action you've captured. I love that Isabella is the first one to attack, thanks for letting her take that role! =D
Madam-Sparkz's avatar
Well her character description mentioned she prefer her wolf form so she would probably be the most expirienced with hunting. She she took the helm!

So glad you enjoyed it! :D
Xilveros's avatar
This looks good, the diagonal composition adds to the flow of action across the image. I particularly like the fact that each werewolf is involved with the chase in one interesting way or another. Nicely done, and thanks a lot for including Nathan.
Madam-Sparkz's avatar
Thanks! I liked the way Nathan came out. His pose came naturally to me :)
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That moose is so going down. >:D

Great work!
Madam-Sparkz's avatar
Woo! Moose-o-cide!
HarpyMarx's avatar
Bahaha this is so awesome. GO WEREWOOFS!
JoeyLiverwurst's avatar
Not often I see a pack of distinguishable werewolves depicted doing something together. Nice!
Madam-Sparkz's avatar
Thanks! It was a challenge, lemme tell ya.
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ShiroComicArts's avatar
ohhh it's amazing :) you did a great job on this ^^
Madam-Sparkz's avatar
Thanks very much! :giggle:
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