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A collab between me and my awesome friend ~PurePeachy! She drew quite possibly the cutest Tinkerbell lineart I've seen, I just loved the expression and the angle looked so cool, so I just had to color it :D

Visit her gallery guys, she's awesome ^^

Lineart: [link]
Brushes: [link]
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Lovely! I love fairies and Tinkerbell.
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That is just amazing! Well done! :D
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cute, i like the perception from which you drew her, like shes flying head on
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mhm, that's why I liked the lineart myself :) But my friend ~PurePeachy drew that, I colored ^^
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beatiflly artwork of tink here
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You've been featured here! :D [link]

Love it and support yourself! :#1:
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~PurePeachy just joined #DisneyDreamers ~ I was looking at the amazing linearts in her gallery!! Lovely work by you both :hug:
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thank you :D I told her she should join, your club's awesome, and her gallery's so overlooked :D it's the perfect match ;)
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Before accepting a member, at least two moderators have to scan potential galleries. I was so impressed with her work. Am glad she is now a member! Thank you for making sure she was aware of the Group :hug:
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god I love how you handle this club, it's so nicely moderated, you do a great job ;) I love the activities, I love the limits you impose, it really makes things run smoothly ^^ stimulates the community but it doesn't overwhelm a deviant either :D tricky that, but you got it just right ;) :hug:
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Tina does most of the work. I just help as much as I can.... and pay for everything :giggle:
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haha that is pretty epic in itself ya know :)
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