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Princesses Playing DnD

I think every princess is a _heroine_ first and foremost :)
I have thoughts for each of these girls and how they'd behave around the table, so feel free to discuss. ^^ Enjoy!

PS - Elsa and Anna aren't included cause I started this piece last year, and never got around to shading it until now :)

Small FAQ:
Why is Snow White DM?
I thought it'd be fun, because she had most experience in the biz, and she prooved to be a great coordinator in her movie. The dwarves listened to her, and she was firm, but kind. I know, I know, she's not most people's favorite, but I like putting her in charge because she's ofter super underestimated, and she deserves some love. Sometimes the shiest people can surprise you when they tap into their creativity. :)
Why isn't Kida/Meg/Esmeralda/Elsa/Leia/[Insert Princess Here] included?
I made this to mock the Disney princess lineup, which resulted in me only using the "official" princesses. It also resulted in a really really big adventuring party, which brings me to:
TOO MANY PEOPLE AT THE TABLE!!! A round would take forever!
HAHA I KNOW, right? :D But I figure since this is parody, and the poor girls don't REALLY need to suffer to wait for their turn, it's fine :P I just wanted to include all the girls who get the princess label though, but personally, I don't like playing DnD in adventuring groups larger than 5, because even if the DM CAN sometimes handle huge groups, it becomes more tiring for everyone.
What classes would they be?
Definitely hardest question to answer, cause the class you pick doesn't necessarily fit your personality, but your acting ambition, fascination, curiosity and momentary fancy. Any of them would be barbarians or monks or druids. I do think that people new to DnD often rp their personal favorite classes, but later on, people branch out and play ANYTHING, and enjoy changing the character masks they wear considerably :)
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that's a nice picture. I think it needs an update with Moana in it.

Looks like a interesting and good game is being played, with the lives they lived many things could be Implemented as a dnd campaign.

Cinderella should be the Druid.

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Not shown; the fist fight that breaks out because Merida and Mulan wanted to kill the same monster and get the same loot, that then spreads across the entire table.

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Why does this feel liek something that they would actually do?! because i can see it happening! O.O
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Huh, Snow as the Dungeon Master. I would've thought Belle would be the story teller.
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I'm working on a remake of this image and I still think Belle should be a player. I think she'd make an excellent player, the kind that really helps drive stories forward, but I don't see her DMing. She seems to be the kind of person of action, who wants to explore the fantasy, rather than write it? I dunno if that makes sense, but that's my POV on the issue :D I was thinking keeping Snow and adding Elsa to the DMing list, she is queen after all :)
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Very true.
So what Classes do you think they'd be? Merida would definitely be a Ranger and Mulan a Warrior.
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it depends, the joy of DnD is that you can try anything at all :) So I would say it depends on who's a new player and who's a more experienced player LOL :D new players do tend to go for what is familiar (or leave everything up to chance). Older players try anything, to see how they can spin it :)
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Huh. Good to know.
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I like seeing the Disney Princesses just having fun together.

Man with so many people this must be an epic game!
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lol as long as they all behave, but they do seem pretty entranced lol
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You just know Mulan is playing a male fighter.
Ya and multiclassing as a monk
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I don't know if it was intentional or not, but I love that the dragon they're fighting resembles Maleficent.
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^^ it was intentional :) TY!
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That new YouTube show "Damsels, Dice, and Everything Nice" brought me back here. My first thought was that you had come up with the idea first.
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Cool work!:D (Big Grin) I can imagine them playing this game at Snow White's castleGiggle & of course HER being game master like this cause she was the FIRST disney princessRoll Eyes Giggle  
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Have you ever heard of a facebook profile called Pocket Princesses? Cause if you do enjoy Disney Princesses then you will certainly get some laughs. (And I mean actual laughs)
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The turn order and round length must be hell
I love this picture. It's one of those images that doesn't just capture a moment, it captures an event. And now I can't stop thinking about the game the girls would have. Personally I think the best DM would be Belle. Lot's of adventurous spirits, explorers and dreamers but I think Belle is the most well-read one and could pull from the largest pool of inspiration to construct a fantasy world. That probably also makes her the fastest reader so she'd be able to check the rules and memorize the books the quickest. 

As for characters:
Belle, if not the DM, is totally playing a wizard since they draw power from books. I see her race being hobbit, since wizards don't really emphasize physical prowess anyway and being sneaky and hard to catch seems more useful;
Pocahontas is an Elf, because she read their description "forest dwellers spiritually in tune with nature" and needed look no further. Class is a druid for the same reason;
Merida is probably an orc because they're the biggest brutes and a ranger because it's basically her skillset in real life anyway;
Ariel is human because wish-fulfillment, that's easy. Her class is a little harder to pin down but I think the one closest to her "curious about other worlds and explorer" personality is probably ranger, though maybe some sort of sea-faring variant that comes close to being a pirate since she's spent her life admiring shipwrecks;
Snow White I see as a dwarf, because she's got dwarves on the mind for...SOME reason, and a bard because if you think about it she's the one who sang through the most of her movie and explicitly told a story for an audience. Also bard is generally a support role and she's pretty passive throughout most of her movie. I think the most active thing she did was let herself into someone else's house and clean it and enforce a strict hygiene regiment;
Rapunzel is an elf cleric because she's used to healing, but she's probably subclassed her way into being closer to a monk in build since she's so agile and acrobatic. And I'm pretty sure "improvised weapon" is a monk skill; ;)
Mulan is probably a human paladin, for fighting and for spirituality since she talks to ancestors whom can send demigods to assist her;
Jasmine I see as a rogue because some of the problem-solving actions she took in the movie were letting her stronger animal do the talking to an idiot she didn't like, sneaking out of the palace, negotiating with the guards and Jafar for Aladdin's release, and seducing Jafar for a distraction. Definitely takes non-direct approaches to get out of a tight spot. Definitely a rogue. She's probably an elf for the extra dexterity;
Tiana is a fighter since she appreciates dedication to physical work and determination, which makes for a good fighter. She's probably also a dwarf since they too are hearty skilled laborers;
Araura is kinda hard to figure out since really all she does is grow up as a happy singing peasant in the woods until one day she meets her true love and discovers she's a princess. Not a lot of actions. So I figure bard is probably the easiest class for her to slip into and maybe elf since she's spent so much time in the woods;
Cinderella is placid and nothing if not patient, and always puts others before herself, even her abusers. I say straight elf cleric.
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this is a very interesting and compelling piece you have here...and i have a few thoeries regaurding this setting..

Snow white is a very interesting choice as a DM,id see her taking an almost Gothic-dark age approach to her storytelling....and would likely have a Tolkin-ish LOTR style of adventure on a grand scale. 

i can easily see belle being something of a Rules lawyer or a backseat DM,and due to her intelligence i could see her being a wizard

as for Arura (i believe that is sleeping beuty's name,right?) whould be the sort that just kindof goes with the group (playing cause everyone else is) and would pick a race and class based on suggestions.

Tiana and Arial on the other hand,i see them deliberately playing something new and out of the ordinary from what they know,simply because of how outgoing they are (Tiana's ambition,and Ariel's sheer curiosity)

Mulan being the adventurous and and strong,dutiful chivalrous person she has always been would either be a Samurai or a Paladin(of Bahamut),maby even a war-cleric

as for the princess from Brave (sorry i donot know her name) i have never seen the movie,but from what little i know about her it seems being a Ranger would suit her tastes best.

Cinderella and Rapunzel,i have know idea honestly as i know hext to nothing about them...i also don't know if you are using Repunzel's original portrayal or how she is in tangled.

Jasmine always struck me as a person who liked freedom and to be in control of her own life,rather that doing what she is told...i could see her being an Air genasi Sorcerer

and last but not least Pocahontas: she is a deeply spiritual person,i could not imagine her as anything but a Druid or Claric (nature domain)  

and in a side note,if they were present:Esmeralda would definitely be a rougue,Anna would make a fun Swashbuckler or bard and Elsa would be a sorcerer
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yessss :D Thanks for the extended comment, I really appreciated reading your thoughts on this :D It's pretty cool to imagine these girls around the table, this being the actual reason why I drew this in the first place ;)
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