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Portrait in DaMuro

Made with deviantART muro just like [link]

I dunno, I still think muro is a difficult program to work with, but sometimes I find it very relaxing to sit down and paint in it.
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Oh my god! That's totally awesome!
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This is nice. It's impressive when someone uses those weird abstract brushes in a way that actually looks good.
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yes it is very difficult but you got some awesome work there
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I watched every single second on redraw :)
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wow i watched the redraw and i love how you did the face highlights and contours!! 
Just-Leila's avatar
I watched redraw with great interest :) nice!
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Endynament's avatar
YOU sir, have put green, purple, and maroon in her hair in it still turns out red :L tell me the ways of your people
AbysmalSecrets's avatar
This Is AWESOME! Especially since you did it with Muro!
MyEnding's avatar
Do you use a tablet to draw with?
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yes, a wacom bamboo pen :) it's not an expensive one, but it's wacom, which is a brand I'd recommend for tablets.
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I love the light in this. Gorgeous work!
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really nice colors! I dunno...muro seems very hard for me too, actually only photoshop and corel painter seems fit for painting.
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yeah, muro's an ebiiilll beast :)) I just like challenging myself with it sometimes, most efforts turned out horrible and I don't submit them though! :)
E-raserhead's avatar
Was very interesting to watch the process for this, I find muro so hard to work with (as is the case with a lot of artists!) but it seems you had no trouble at all! Well done. :)
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This is Fantastic! you have talent, my friend!
VialisRoseph's avatar
Did you used a drawing pad?
madam-marla's avatar
yes, I have a bamboo tablet :)
VialisRoseph's avatar
It's nice, you should've get more favs on this drawing
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it is wonderful!
MensjeDeZeemeermin's avatar
Beautiful confident perspective, almost Impressionist light, great expression and composition.
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