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Work in progress version: [link]

Tried a bit of a different shading technique here.
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May I please use this for a meme I'm doing? I promise I'll credit you and leave a link to the art so they can fave the original.

This is the meme ->…
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Thanks. I'll show you the meme when it's finished.
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Great job on meg here:hug:
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She is one of my disney favorites! She had the personality of another Lois Lane! LOL!
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ahhhhhhh Love your meg :heart:
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Meg is one of my favorite female characters in the Disney movies. I think this picture looks great, there are a lot more soft lines in this one than in the movie.
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This is really cool, and it's always good to see Meg. My only complaint is that her features are too rounded. Meg has an unusual face, and her features have to be very sharp and angular for it to work.
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Thank you for your feedback :) I hear ya, disney used some very angular lines and a form inspired by greek architecture. But like I said, this was an experiment to draw her in a different style :)
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Meg is so under appreciated by Disney, she was an awesome gal!:clap: lovely depiction of him as always!
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//falls out of chair- OMGosh!!! this - this thisthisthis.. its so perfect!! :squee:
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Great job! I love when people draw her! She does not get enough love!
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absolutely gorge, dunno if the sheerness of the curtains was hard to do but I love the whole feel and direction of the image
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This is a very good picture.
WOW! this looks fantastic!
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