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Ariel - PurePeachy Collab

FANART Collaboration.

This piece started from :iconpurepeachy:'s [link]
I adore working with her and coloring for her. I wanted to color this as soon as I saw those tiny gorgeous hands. Gestures are so hard to nail down.
Please take a moment to check her gallery at: "[link]"

Btw, if she wants to submit this in her own gallery she has full permission to do so, obviously.

FUN FACT: Did you know that before Disney's Ariel, her name used to be a predominantly male name. My theory is that that's why Sebastian has to whisper her name to Eric. And it explains his "Well, that's kinda pretty" ^^

Original Sketch [link] by ~PurePeachy's
Brushes by Obsidian Dawn
More brushes by ~JavierZhX [link]
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I thought so. Names that end in 'el' tend to mean 'of God', and those aren't given to to women.
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yeah, in Hebrew Ariel=Lion of God, or something along those lines (ac. to :)
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That site is awesome.
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I like it!! I think maybe a few more shades to her hair could also be quite nice :)

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Thank you :)

BTW, where'd you pick up the nickname "Terra"? It sounds so pretty!
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wow beautiful setting!
so stunning!~
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ooo LOVE the clouds!
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thank you, it's thanks to a great resource.
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You guys make a great team! Love the way you coloured it (:
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thank you from both of us :)
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What was her original name?
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I don't know. Wasn't it always Ariel? I just meant to say that the name was rare for a girl before Disney named their heroine that :)
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True - I think they picked it because of 'air' in it - plus it started with A. If you listen carefully, Sebastian always calls her 'R-iel' not "Airel"

But damn it sure fits her well
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marvelous representation of everyone's favorite half-fish.

Your skill is really marvelous to behold. :)
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Thank you kindly, from both of us :)
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Don't mention it. :)

Keep up the wonderful work! :hug:
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nice color, i luv it! :)
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