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In honor of all the stupid stuff this two had to endure, from me, over the years. 
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Pinkie is not worried because she knows what Dash really thinks when she is not on the spot.
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NOPE! (i quote RD)
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She can erase the image but she can't erase the feelings in her heart
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At least for her she could erase that one.

Wonderful work
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OMG I love this adorable idea! ^^ Idk, would you count that as breaking the fourth wall? I mean, they're kind of coming into reality so like they kind of broke multiple walls?
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While i may not ship this i find this utterly adorable :3
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I love how dash is freaking out over it. So cute!
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hilarious 10/10
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That's hilarious and a great way to show how stuff gets done. :)
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oh dashie you can not be unshipped. you are like ship glue, you hold all ships tightly together.
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Beautiful Ship.
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When your making a normal drawing, only to end up as shipping art, hehehehe
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Too funny !!!  MLP Pony kissing icon 
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