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To much fluff


I admit I have a problem with drawing insanly large manes.... I wont stop.
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And we won't beg you to! 😃

I love your artwork, they're all cute, adorable, and fluffy!
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Poof. Lot's of poof.
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Fluffy and poofy.

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Never enough Fluff! <3
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For some reason this picture wants me go up to her and hug her. I love it! :)
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Maybe it's Manebelline....
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Be Fluff as fluffle puff! Fluffle Puff: *Pet pet* 
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Is it worth it ?
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Twilight: Pinkie how do you move with all this hair?
Pinkie: So far... I don't.
Twilight: We're going to need to fix this.
Rarity: Agreed darling. Applejack what's your most powerful trimming implement?
Applejack: (Rev chainsaw)
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I dont mind about The next Fufflepuff could be pinkie with this :^)
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Fill the universe with mane
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Do not stop!! :la:
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Pinkie Pie later went on to achieve her Nightmare form, for the sole purpose of having a weightless mane.
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But I love your insanely huge manes!
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There's never enough fluff :) (Smile)
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*radio turns on* Can the owner of the super fluffy pink pony please move or we will tow it... away
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Tail volume has also increased over the course of your arting career.
By 2017, I calculate your ponies will be 80% hair, all flowing over a tiny baseball-sized head and body with little stubby Kirby-style limbs.
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