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Stitchy pie

I just love the idea that you could interact with your own art like this. :iconcutepinkiepieplz:

(extrem resolution version to download. be warned!)
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xkevin360's avatar
how can you look at this and say thats not cute?
Lilbob2000's avatar
Her head is cute
SilverChrome7777's avatar
//Steals Her

She's Mine Now Bicthes-
LeoTheStarKid's avatar
*steal her * NO!!SHE'S MINE !! SEE YA LATER SUCKER!!
akm710's avatar
*steals again and runs into everfree forest*come and get me, shes mine
SlayerRevanche's avatar
It's alive! It's alive!
RozalinVernea's avatar
This is adorable! I have so many ideas for stuff like this now. Yay interacting with your art!
Mittz-The-Trash-Lord's avatar
Sweet Celestia, that's adorable. ^v^
xStarfirie's avatar
Why does this remind me of Lil' Miss Rarity?
xStarfirie's avatar
Even though it's supposed to be cute :P
Kartoffelkamm's avatar
funfact: i sometimes talk to my OC. kinda a cool guy, really. :)
TheMystics11's avatar
i wish i could make a pinkie plushie like that
WritingForge's avatar
Hmm! Well, there's the interesting concept~. 

It makes me want to write out a fanfic loosely based on it. ouo; It's quite the interesting idea. Would you mind if I used part of this picture as a cover/reference for it, if I ever follow through with this idea?
Madacon's avatar
WritingForge's avatar
^^ Thank you. Of course, all credit will go to you. :) 

:D This is going to be so fun to write~!
NCMares's avatar
Aw, man - that's a great idea. :D You did a wonderful job, here - well done!
Stocking-Star's avatar
I want to make Fluttershy :3
samykhadre's avatar
Yeah it will be cute
Rayknightfire's avatar
Aww my heart it's too cute!
(resisting not to faint)
You should make a Stitchy series of other ponies.
(just fainted on the floor) 
ZCid47's avatar
Im kill to see the same whit applejack
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