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Screw flying

My reaction after seeing Underpable´s "Flyingbuddies".
Pff Jacky don´t need some fancy wings to do the job!

I mean she should have enough power in her legs. :iconapplejackproudplz:
About the landing....
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*walks along a path humming a tune til he noticed a large shadow over him* huh?? *looks up and see's applejack coming down* uh-oh *jumps out of the way in time as applejack lands on the ground hoovefirst making a small crater in the progress* close one
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you forgott the shockwave.... xD

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She'll crater herself somewhere. At least it's a good place to have a rest is you get my drift. ^^; :XD:
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Funny enough, this is true! Applejack's the only one with no way of flight.
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she got her bro...
Big Macklicorn
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Oh oh she’s gonna do a superhero landing!!! 
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:rofl: Haha! Nice!:thumbsup: :)
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makes me think of RWBY
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Love your cute and cartoony style!
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To be cotinued? What's she going to do, like the gummi bears? Tigger?
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Given her strength, i am not so surprised.
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Imagine what BMI could do, given his strength. :-O
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:iconbigmacintoshplz::iconsaysplz:BMI? That's Big MacIntosh. That's me.:iconsays-endplz:
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Oh. Sorry never really familiarized myself with acronyms. 
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So excited for todays new episode?
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Well, I'm not even done watching season 5 yet. :-P

I'm not always eager to watch MLP,
but when I do, I always like the episode.

So, to answer your question, while not exactly being excited, I will most-likely like this episode. :-)
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imagine that with an extremly agressive redneck-voice
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And the balloon went 50 miles in the opposite direction, spinning out of control. (Wait, it's a Canadian production. Kilometers!)
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