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Octavia with a electro cello ..... and LED´s!
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In my opinion, electro cellos are really cool.
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SHHH SPOILERS ... imean..... :ahem: I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT UPCOMING EPISODES ..... I really don't I just believe rumors! : D
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We all know that Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Melody are both secretly the same pony...!
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I think I've fainted.

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OMG Can you make a wallpaper out of this?!
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Woah :O, awesome!
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As a classical purist, I am rather disappointed for the upcoming episode. That, along with the fact that Evans could have given Tavi a much better voice in EG...

I will not give up hope on best pony, however! A splendid combination of awesomeness and elegance, well done!
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i like the new instrument she has 
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Electric cello bruh for classic dubstep !
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A six-string electric cello is pretty boss.  I do like me some Octavia!
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Awesomely cute! Drop dat cello!
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Wow! This is fantastic! Well done. :)
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My headcannon is Vinyl made a bet with Tavi taht Cellos couldnb't be used for Wub worthy music.... and is about to lose and have to pay up some amusing penalty.

Very awesome pic Madacon!
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