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:iconrainbowdashfearplz: "Pinkie how do you even get up here? Twillight isn´t even in town, for the spell."

:iconpinkiepiewhatplz: "... I don´t know."

:iconrainbowdashangryplz: "..." (how I´m supposed to escape here, if she bend physics, like she owned them.)


(I love that pinkie face) :D
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4th wall RD.. she has the power..
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I heard someone say "it's Pinky Pie , don't question it." Think dhat fits werry well here. ^_^
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Mark-I-PlierHobbyist Traditional Artist
Pinkie's face says, 'I don't know what you are talking about.' :iconpinkiepiewhatplz:
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There's no escape! D:
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Okay i find that pose pinkie in oddly arousing um you wouldnt mind drawing her like that humanized would ya XD
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You know what's funny...before this season, I loved it whenever Pinkie broke physics to amuse, but after taking college level Physics with little sleep for a year, I don't laugh as often.

sometimes, only tears come from it...never forget...AP Physics...
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ShadowtheCartoonistStudent Digital Artist
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well its my sister from another universe and one of my lifes.
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thegreatrougeHobbyist Interface Designer
the real question is why is RD surprised XD
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Emeraldy-DustHobbyist Digital Artist
Rainbow, it's pinkie ( it's normal)
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Pinkie owns evrything including physics.
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MrMellonN00BHobbyist General Artist
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KangythekangarooHobbyist Digital Artist
the laws of Ponies We don't know how she got there This is quite awesome
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sweetymimy22Hobbyist General Artist
what the hack ??!! Pinky .... You are not a pagasus
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TheWingedSkeletonHobbyist General Artist
in Her very first sketch she was supposed to be one
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sweetymimy22Hobbyist General Artist
hm .... ähm ok ....
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YesImDeadpool General Artist
Aww. XD
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Pinkie can always find a way
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ShiftyStormHobbyist Digital Artist
'who else?' haha
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VenegalHobbyist Artisan Crafter
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Hordaks-PupilHobbyist Writer
More proof that Pinkie Pie exists in her own world :D
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Because,screw physics.
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Because, Pinkie Pie.
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JEEZ! that's Pinkie Pie for you...
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