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Some derpy and shading practice.
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So adorable.... I just want to hug her... 
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You get that red dot Derpy.
KrazyKari's avatar
This IS something Derpy would do. XD
Gotta love her! 
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she found a
amplification by
emition of
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Other than that minor typo, I wish I could upvote your comment, :D
MegaAnimationFan's avatar
Ya know what's funny. I saw a video where a dog AND a horse was chasing a laser pointer outside! :D 
MegaAnimationFan's avatar
Yeah! Who'd thought animals other than cats and dogs would be entranced by the all mighty laser pointer?
flutter-butter55678's avatar
which one was you favorite? I liked the ducks...
MegaAnimationFan's avatar
Ooooh that's a tough one! I'd probably say the horse, the ducks as well, the cockatoo, and the monkey.
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Looks through the comments.

Hm. That's rather surprising.

Am I the only one that wants to see this picture from the perspective of the wall?
YES, I am talking about getting a better view of Bubble Butt's butt. :D
Dradavar's avatar
You sure are a pervert.


I didn't say it's a bad idea... >_>

LucarioLovesLopunny's avatar
Mwehehehe.... great minds think alike :meow:
Dradavar's avatar
*whistles innocently* I don't know what you're implying... >_>

Meow :3

*whispers* I do :D (Big Grin) 
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Someone needs to animate this idea! Seriously cute!
templar127's avatar
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Derpy: *follows laser into the wall*
Me: Derpy! Are you alright?
Derpy: Yes, sorry about the wall.
Me: O-Oh that's fine, I-I wanted a door there anyways.
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